Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Merci, mon ami...

Yes, that is French. Honestly, I didn't know what else to write. And hell, if I can impress you with some foreign language skills. Of course, I'm not a hundred percent sure I spelt it all correctly, lol. But...I'm going to just go with it.

So, my southern neighbours are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Up here in the great white north, we have our Thanksgiving in October, but I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. I also know that for most, this is the dreaded or maybe welcomed, start of the Holiday season. And what appears to be the first day in non-stop eating, lol.

Now,  I've already made my thankful pledge back in October. I probably didn't write it down or anything, but I'm sure I mentioned it. To someone. At some point. But...I'll hold to accountability and make a list here.

Things I'm thankful for...

1—living in a country where I can express my individuality without fear of recourse.

Yes, we have hate crimes in Canada. At least, I assume we do. I honestly don't hear of many. Where I live, I rarely lock my doors and my truck's always open. Half the time, the keys are in it. My kids can walk without me being afraid that they'll get taken and if my car breaks down...a kind stranger will still pull over and give me a hand. And they won't end up being a serial killer. We legalized same-sex marriages a long time ago, and we seem to welcome most ethnic groups into our mix. We have a free healthcare, it's not perfect, but I don't have to be afraid to go the doctor or the hospital because I can't afford it. So yes, I'm thankful to live where I do.

2—to have a roof over my head and food on the table.

3—that I have healthy kids who I love and adore and who don't show signs of being serial killers in the making. Hey, I've thought about this. You know how siblings can be, especially brothers. So those rare moments when they actually show they care—yeah, those give me a glimmer of hope :) They're smart, funny and will always be my greatest achievement. Though I only can claim the birthing part. They've long since out-shined me. And I couldn't be prouder.

4—a small circle of close friends. Ones I know I can call, day or night, doesn't matter. Ones who will be there. Some live close by. Some I talk to everyday but only get to see in person once in a while. Though with FaceTime... do you hear that Bronwyn? Jess will FaceTime with me. Just saying. Anyway, I always think of this when I think of my close gal pals. A good friend is someone who will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be standing beside you saying…what the hell were we thinking? And I'm thankful I have the latter of the two.

5—for family that makes me laugh. I'm lucky to call them friends—even if I do want to strangle them at times.

6—a career doing what I love. True, it's not quite as profitable as I'd love for it to be—yet—but. God, I love every day. Even the hard days—when I bleed every word—it beats anything else I've done. Well, other than doing Cover Art. God, I love that, too.

Hmmm, I'm sure I could go on. I know there's more I am probably thankful for each day. Like trails to run so I don't have to hit the streets. Trails that give me sanity and help me see the little things so much better. For a running partner with four legs who's always ready to go. Who never judges whether I'm fast or slow and is never too tired to go one more mile.

Now go check out the ladies and see what they are thankful for.


  1. STOP BRAGGING about Canada! ;) Just kidding, obviously. Defnitely have a lot to be thankful for.

    But the real questions I have is, if I come visit you in the great white north (though seriously, we've more white on the ground here in Minnesota than you and that's not fair!)...are there birds there? (I couldn't even type that without cracking up!) HUGS

  2. I think we should ALL move to Canada. Seriously... When I look around at this country, I so often want to cry.

    Don't sell yourself short. You *do* have amazing kids, but much of that is because you're an awesome mom.

    Fine, Norris. I'll Facetime with you. Sigh... I do so love you, Canadia Kris. <3

  3. I was just thinking we need to move to Canada! So if we all pack up can we stay with you until we find places to live??? :-) I'm so so glad you're may friend, but it sucks you live so far away. Love you!