Friday, May 10, 2013

So it's 2013…

So... as I look at my blog I realize it was still 2012 when last I posted. My how time flies. It's not that I don't want to blog, but it seems there's always something else to do. In truth, I write blog posts all the time—in the shower. Of course, by the time I get out, dry off, get dressed…yeah, the thought is completely gone.

Now... I'll admit. I'm also hesitant to write posts. Not because I don't have stuff to say. Hell, I'm a single mom with three kids...two of them teenage boys. If anything, my problem is that most of what they say/do isn't suitable for blogging. I'd offend someone and so I'm left to laugh by myself.

But if I'm being honest, one of my main concerns is writing shit that shouldn't be out there. That, in a fit of rage or excitement, I might put something on this page that I'll regret later. And if we've all learned anything from the internet, it's that it's forever. Stuff you never intended goes viral and before you know it, you're the CEO of some big company sprouting about about not making clothes to fit the 'not cool kids'... yes, I did mean for that to come out.

Anyway, since I've been here, I've had two, yes two book release. The one above, Andromeda Falling is the second in my Dark Horizon series. The first book, Orion Rising, came out a few months back, but as usual, I didn't say a word on here.

I'll try to be more present, but I tend to try and tweet more than anything—140  words I can handle... I'll post the blurb for Andromeda below...and I'm going to be visiting a friend's blog shortly so you can find me over there.

Until then, I'll be lurking... thinking up great things to write about then forgetting them, or wondering if they really are internet worthy, lol. So no, I'm not dead, I haven't fallen off the earth and yes, iTunes and it's pretty damn cool.

Andromeda Falling...

Lincoln Croft isn’t the most reputable man. Disillusioned by the ever-continuing war between the Coalition and the Alliance, he’s made a living running dangerous goods between the worlds, using his ship, the Andromeda, to outrun enemy striker crafts and avoid certain prosecution. And the fact he can hack into any computer system ever made certainly doesn’t hurt his chances at a successful mission.

After a recent crusade to help free the condemned planet of Venitia gains him a full pardon, Linc has decided to give honest work a try. Just his luck, his old nemesis, Captain Frank Bane, has other ideas. An unexpected meeting forces Lincoln to crash-land on the very planet he swore he wouldn’t set foot on again. And the surface of Venitia hasn’t changed. Hot, dry and dangerous, Linc knows he needs to get to the settlement before he becomes some creature’s dinner.
He never planned on running into Gwendolyn Bennet, the one woman he’d never quite gotten over. After a less than warm welcome, Gwen begrudgingly agrees to help Linc reach the colony. But Bane isn’t giving up. He’s determined to destroy Lincoln, and the Andromeda, even if it means annihilating Venitia.