Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm a genie in a bottle, you better rub me the right way…

How is it mid-November already? I'm not ready for the end of the year—not yet. Though I'll be happy when the days start getting longer again. While I love winter—it doesn't get that bad here. More rain than anything. I miss having longer days. I like to be able to run or bike later in the evening and right now, if I'm not back by 4:45, it's hella dark.

But that's just the lack of daylight talking. This week's blog is an interesting one. A genie grants me three writing wishes. What are they?

Okay...I hope you all know because I don't. Three wishes I can work with, but writing ones? The first couple that pop to mind are kinda, too superficial. Obviously, that I'd sell a million copies of every book, and be able to buy a small island somewhere:)

But is that really what I'd want to waste a wish on?

I think my first wish would be—no writer's block. I'll admit. I don't suffer from this all that often, but when I right sucks major ass. It gets to the point it feels as if I'm literally bleeding every word. It takes forever to get a page let alone a chapter. And even though I know what I want to happen in my head, I can't seem to get it on the page. Trust me when I say that nothing is more frustrating than having this pop up. And like everything, it usually happens when I'm on a tight deadline. So definitely NO MORE WRITER'S BLOCK.

Wish numero deux...edit-free first drafts. Wouldn't that be fantastic. Writing your final version, completely error free the first time! No typos, missing words, plot holes—you name it, every sentence you write is a perfect version. You book just goes straight to final. Yeah, that would be another wish.

My last wish. Okay...I get to make my characters come to life. Or at least, one of them at a time. Oh yeah, now this would be a hell of a wish. Imagine the endless possibilities. This would be the ultimate for most authors. Being able to interact with the voices that chatter away in your head in human form? Priceless. Price. Less.

So there you have it. My three wishes. I would have preferred to have some personal ones...but I think we all know where that would head. Yup, exactly there.

Please check out the other ladies and see what they're having their genies grant for them.

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  1. Great list! And I hear you about the block. That's where I am right now. I know where the story is going, but I just can't get it to form on the page. So frustrating!!

  2. OMG!!! Wish number three is genius!!! Sign. Me. Up.

    PS - it's me, Bron. Blogger hates my ass today. :(