Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deadly Vision Book Trailer...

Instead of doing a bunch of work that's long overdo, I decided to play on the computer and make my second book trailer. This time it's for Deadly Vision, my second release with Total-e-Bound and my first full-length novel. Once again, I made it with iMovie (gotta love Macs) using some images from and music by the talented Kevin MacLeod at Many thanks to Lyn Taylor for the awesome cover art on this book.

I hope you like it. Take a look...

I'll be working on more trailers for both Centrefold and Checkmate, both coming out in December, so stay tuned.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday...

I've just been alerted there's this thing called Flash Fiction Friday. A number of authors write a small snippet of a sexy scene and then post it with links to all the other authors who have done the same thing. Now I know I'm late for this, but it's been a crazy day and I'm just now getting the time. So here's my little fiction tidbit.

Cody stood beside the bed, naked except for the beads of sweat flushing his skin. His muscles were drawn tight, his thighs shaking, as his date slipped her warm lips around his smooth flesh, drawing it deep into her mouth. She had a way of relaxing her throat and taking most of his length all the way back, before sliding forward, licking his sensitive flesh as she retreated, keeping only his crown trapped in her velvet heat. It felt amazing.

“You like that, cowboy?”

He answered with a low growl, knowing the sound aroused her. She knelt in front of him, her short blonde hair bobbing back and forth around her face as she moved along the length of his shaft. But she kept her knees wide, giving him more than a full view of her sex as she sucked his cock.

I hope you enjoyed the little quickie, lol. Here's hoping your Friday Flash was a pleasant and stimulating one.



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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Book Trailer is Being Featured...

Hi all...

My book trailer for Sacred Talisman is being featured with a couple of others over at the Examiner on Friday, November 20th. I'd love for you to drop by and check it out, along with the other two sexy flicks. Here's the link...

Thanks to those who dropped by the chat tonight. I'm glad I finally got the darn paste thing working. Oh, and stay tuned. I'm going to be running a contest in December to celebrate a wonderful coming out this year. Details to follow...

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I'm chatting tonight...

Hi all,

Tonight, between 5pm and 7pm PDT I'm joining a host of other RP authors at Coffee Time Romance. I'd love for everyone to drop on over. We'll be posting excerpts and chatting about what makes our heros hot and our heroines worthy of their love. Here's the link...

I'll be talking about my upcoming release CHECKMATE, and maybe touch on a couple of my other books.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

My First Book Trailer

I realize today is my release day for Deadly Vision, but I spent some time last night creating my first book trailer for Sacred Talisman. Please give it a look and let me know what you think. I made it using iMovie, 'cause I'm a Mac girl. But it was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it...

Look for Deadly Vision's Book Trailer coming soon.

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Another Release Day!

Hello all,

Yes, it's finally here. The day of my first full novel release, Deadly Vision, is available at Total-e-Bound and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so happy I'm letting the kids play hookie so we can have a celebration day, lol.

Anyway, please jump on over to Total-e-Bound to see an excerpt and take a look at all the great new e-books.

And, of course, my big release day wouldn't be any fun without an excerpt. Here are the juicy details...

As As a 911 operator, Fallon Kinkade loves her job, but lately, it isn’t enough. And it doesn’t seem to keep the memories of her ex-lover, Gil, and the surreal last night she spent with him and his partner, Charlie, at bay. She still dreams of him every night, leaving hot, wet and so dame horny she could cry. She’d do anything to have one more night with him. But when the cities newest serial killer starts phoning her cell, and throws her headlong into the investigation, not to mention Gils’ arms, will she play the part of the duty-bound professional? Or will she do everything she can to ensure the killer isn’t the only one who’ll wear his handcuffs?

Federal Agent Gil Grant has only two problems. He can’t catch a break on his newest case, and he can’t forget Fallon. He remembers—in vivid detail—how he controlled the bedroom. But she’d never take him back…or would she. When a strange new twist reunites them, will he let his past keep him from showing her how much he still cares? Or will he finally take charge and remind her screaming isn’t only for when you’re afraid?

Hey, baby. Where are you?”

Fallon smiled at the sultry sound of Gil’s voice, feeling shivers tingle down her spine. “I just picked up dinner and was heading home. Is everything okay?”

“Fine, babe. I was just wondering if you’d mind if Charlie stopped by too? We’ve got a few things to go over before tomorrow.”

Fallon smiled. Gil just couldn’t let a case go once he got hooked on it. “Do you have my favourite?”

“A whole case of coolers…strawberry flavour.”

“Then tell Charlie I’ll see him soon,” she replied, laughing at the sigh that rumbled across the phone. “Race you home, Gil.”

Gil and Charlie were waiting in the driveway when she pulled in, a sly smile tilting both their lips. “It’s cheating when you use your siren, you know,” she scolded Gil, handing him the bags of food.

“Ah, you’re just sore you lost. Now quit squawking and get inside. I’m starving.”

Fallon leaned into the kiss Gil planted on her lips, letting her nipples graze against his shirt. He groaned and pressed harder, tasting the depths of her mouth before finally releasing her and heading into the house. Fallon smiled and turned, brushing a kiss across Charlie’s cheek as he held the door for her. She headed straight for the kitchen, grabbing plates and forks from the cupboard before heading back to the coffee table. Gil already had the cartons spread across the table, and barely waited until Fallon handed him a fork before digging into the food.

“Didn’t you guys eat lunch?” she joked, watching the men devour the food.

“Only had time to grab a sandwich outta the machine,” mumbled Gil around a mouthful of rice. He looked over at her, smiling slyly. “And as I recall, I was too busy this morning to get breakfast before I left.”

Fallon blushed, remembering how she’d caught Gil in the shower. He’d been covered in soap, shampoo slowly dripping down the curve of his jaw, as he’d turned towards the door, his eyes brooding. He’d watched her slowly step inside, the water washing down her body, trickling across her shoulders and down the valley between her breasts. His cock had lengthened along his stomach, pulsing with his increased breath, as he watched the water cover her stomach, finally soaking through the short hair covering her sex. She’d smiled at him, and pressed her body against his, as she’d licked the water rinsing over his neck. It’d tasted like him and she hadn’t been able to contain her groan of pleasure. Gil hadn’t even waited to see if she was ready before pushing her against the side of the shower and plunging his cock deep inside. She’d screamed out his name at the sudden intrusion, locking her heels around his tailbone as he pummelled into her, stealing her breath as he sent her into orgasm. He hadn’t stopped at her convulsions, but had merely hitched her legs higher, pulling her thighs farther apart as he’d slipped his finger around to the cleft of her ass, firmly thrusting his finger inside her tight pucker.

Fallon blushed even deeper, remembering the exquisite feel of his fingers up her ass. She’d never imagined anal play to be so exciting, and was thinking about having him take her there tonight. It wasn’t something they always did, but when the mood was right, it was one of the fastest ways to send her over the edge.

She smiled back at Gil, ignoring the hooded gaze he flashed her. “Is that a complaint, darling?” she teased. “’Cause I can rein it in, if you’re not…” She let her eyes travel down the length of his body, resting on his crotch as she continued. “… up to it.”

Gil’s eyes darkened as she watched his erection bulge against his jeans. “Don’t worry, Fallon. I’ll show you later just how…up…to it I am.”

Hope you enjoyed reading. If you'd like more pop on over to Total-e-Bound or My Website. You'll find different excerpts and all the information.

Kris Norris
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