Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I can't get no, satisfaction…

Okay, you all try to think up a clever title for motivation. I swear there aren't any songs with that word in there. Because alas, it is Wednesday Randomness time again…and can I just point out I haven't missed a single one since joining in. It's a record for sure. And I have to say, I was tempted this week. Mostly because it's a hard one. WHAT MOTIVATES ME...

Now, this could be a very broad subject, as in, it could pertain to any subject. For example, I have inner demons that motivate me to work out and attempt to eat healthy. That and a firm loathing for growing older... I like Tony Horton's take on aging.... Aging, whatever...I got your aging right here.

But I'll try to stick to writing, as honestly, what motivates me to write also motivates me in other aspects of my life. So here we go, in no particular order...

1. A deadline. Let's face it. Pressure if a HUGE motivator for me. Knowing I have to have something done, handed in, or I'm letting folks down, yeah... I'm on it. Now I don't always get it done on the exact day, but I'm always pretty damn close and within reason, so... This is also what gets me anywhere remotely on time. I'm sadly, always late. But then I think for some things I just don't give a damn.

2. A beautiful cover...sound silly? But having a pretty cover to stare at makes me want to write. It also reminds me that I'm committed to finishing the book. Now I don't always get covers first. Quite often they happen after the fact but sometimes....yes sometimes you stare at your pretty for quite a while before the book is finished. For example...I have the cover all ready to go for two of my next books. I can't quite share yet, but damn, I love looking at them. And the best part—I got to make both of them!

So in place of my upcoming covers, let's look at another pretty....

I know, they're both PG rated, but damn... I can't help it. Just looking at handsome faces... le sigh. I obviously have a type here people... and I've come to terms with that. And yes, I picture these two guys A LOT when I think of my leading men.

3. An idea that won't stop talking to me. Sometimes you just get an idea—a movie that plays in your head—that you can't stop. And that is the best feeling in the world and a great motivator. Actually, right now, I have this looping bit for an upcoming novel stuck in my head. Even when I'm writing other stuff it keeps playing. And I can't wait to write it... It's so epic inside my mind, I just hope it comes across that way once it's out:)

4. Friends. For the last little bit Jess, Bronwyn and I have been sort of challenging each other. Sending chapters of new books nightly when possible. And let me tell you... knowing I have to send them my progress is more motivation than most things. It's like an accountability like no other. And getting their chapters in return... the HIGHLIGHT of my day. Umm, owe me some as we speak:)

Now I'm sure there are other things that motivate me. But it's more often than not the things that stifle motivation. Those inner demons, the exterior stresses. Like right now...I'm in the process of buying and selling a home. And as it's my first home on my own...yeah, that kind of stress sucks every ounce of motivation out of me. I spend all my time obsessing over things and when I try to write, well... not much happens. But thankfully, this doesn't happen very often. And let's not even start with family. The single mom thing can get real un-motivating at times, lol... 

So that's it. Boring. Predictable and true. For more than just writing. Now go check out the other ladies and I'll catch you on the flip side.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs…

It's Wednesday and that means random thoughts time. This week is 'share a playlist'. Ohhh, I know my fellow bloggers are thinking I'll have nothing but Nickelback songs...and truthfully, some of my playlists are virtually Nickelback albums playing in a row. prove I have other tastes besides my beloved Canadian band, I've chosen a different one to share.

This playlist is my current running list. It's an odd collection of artists, from rap to country, but it's the underlying current and beat of the music that's got me hooked right now. It's oddly depressing yet there's something in it that just grabs my pulse and won't let go. So without further delay…

Drive: by Incubus

Battle Cry: by Imagine Dragons
Monster: by Imagine Dragons
Bleeding Out: by Imagine Dragons

yes, I see the theme but I do have the playlist on shuffle, so....

Lose Yourself: by Eminem... (I really love his Slim Shady stuff, too)

Remember the Name: by Fort Minor (another nice rap song...and great to run to)

Soldier: by Gavin DeGraw

Here's to Never Growing Up: by Avril Lavigne... and yes the title is lyrics from that song. I just freaking love it and I'm not a huge fan, but, it's all good...

Moves Like Jagger: by Maroon 5

The Riddle: by Five for Fighting

I Believe in Everything: by Matchbox Twenty (I love these guys and Rob Thomas solo stuff, too)

Savin' Me: by NICKELBACK... was there any doubt I'd have some... come on people, I'm Canadian... seriously...


Dare You to Move: by Switchfoot.

Odds Are: by Bare Naked Ladies... that's three Canadian artists, folks.. I'm on a roll, and so damn patriotic, lol. Love BNL.

Colder Weather: by Zac Brown Band... I love these guys and have playlists of just their fave songs, but just this one on's hauntingly depressing, lol.

Goodbye in Her Eyes: by Zac Brown Band

Sweet Annie: by Zac Brown Band

Here Without You: by 3 Doors Down

Your Arms Feel Like Home: by 3 Doors Down

Goodbyes: by 3 Doors Down... what can I say. These guys rock.

All at Once: by The Fray

Look After You: by The Fray

And that's it. Not a huge list, and right now, I don't get tired of hearing them, lol. I have to thank Jess Jarman for introducing me to some of these songs on our road trip to the UP... and the rest are all me, lol. A jack of all trades...

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease
Tess Grant
Jenny Trout

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer it's crickets and cicadas and a glass of lemonade…

Okay, I know this show if for kids, but damn…I do love Phineas and Ferb. And those are lines from their awesome SUMMER song. I actually have it on a playlist.

So obviously, it's Wednesday, which means another episode of Randomness. And this week's topic—Favourite Summer Memories.


Of course, that's not quite reality, but I will say, that since having kids, that is my most favourite aspect of summer. Having no schedules. No true obligations. I know this may shock some of you, but I'm not a big Schedule girl ;) I like to just go with it. So having to follow one, even as pathetic as we are at actually making it places according to that schedule, is a huge stressor for me. Now you know part of the reason I work from home, lol.

But let's move away from that. Here's a list of some favourite memories in no particular order…

Writer's Retreat in the UP!

Hands down, these are and will be some of the best memories I'll ever have. Cards Against Humanity, Eject eject, Samantha, and Jess...where the hell was his helmet! Skin graft....

These might not mean anything to anyone else, but damn, us ladies will laugh about them for years to come. Thanks to the fab gals that make that week memorable. I love you ladies.

And since I rarely post pics of myself...I'm working on it people...just go with me on this. Here's one from our annual pilgrimage up to Cooper Harbour. Bought the obligatory socks and got the kids some cool shirts. And hell, I'm smiling in this and well, I don't look totally on drugs, so....proof I actually went.

I think part of the reason I love this trip so much is also that I never really went lots of places during the summer when I was a kid. We had a cottage on Georgian Bay—about 3 hours north of Toronto—but my folks sold that when I was young. We had another retreat for a few years after that, but by the time I might have actually enjoyed it, it was gone, too. So summer became just a break from school. Or a summer job.

However one of my favourite memories of summer from those younger years was going to horse camp. Getting to spend a few weeks was like being in another world for me. Probably why I love horses now. I only wish I had one... a ranch for that matter. Ohhh, maybe a lonely cowboy will come my way…hey, just saying. I can dream...

Another great memory—drive-in movies. God, do you guys even remember those? I freaking loved them, and the summer was really the only time we ever got to go. Mostly because it was still a big thing in the smaller towns, not Toronto, so being up north on vacation meant a trip to the drive-in. Which is my perfect excuse to post some pretty pictures...

Other memories…swimming, water skiing, bonfires, fishing. Those all from childhood.

I did have a cool trip a couple of years ago. I got the chance to do the TransRockies Challenge. It's a 7-day mountain bike race. And it was as epic as you'd think it was. It started off in Fernie, BC... and ended in Canmore, Alberta, which is hands down one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada...I'm betting the world. It's a picture-perfect postcard. And just being able to say I did that race...rode my bike for 7 days... okay, I pushed it far more than I thought. But I pushed it up freaking mountains. Mountains, people. But it's something I'll never forget and think helped define me in some ways. Or maybe it just allowed me to see who I really was. And seeing as it was during a pretty shitty time in my life, well...yeah, it's one of those times I'll cherish. 

Funny what sticks with you. Pain and suffering, lol.. but in a great way. Please hop on over to the other ladies' blogs and see what comes to their minds. I'm sure they'll have far more exciting ones...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's…

Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday again? And so damn soon. Of course this means it's time for another episode of ... Wednesday Randomness... And yes, I used that well-known TV voice. This week's topic is... IF I HAD A SUPERPOWER...

Okay, this isn't fair, because honestly, how the hell am I supposed to pick just ONE superpower? I mean, they all have their positives, but is it wrong I want them all? Flying would be great, but just flying? Can't I pair it with shooting fire from my hands or incredibly fast healing. What about ice for the times when fire won't help? Or controlling the weather. Storm is my daughter's favourite XMan. I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm partial to Wolverine... speaking of which...

Or do we get to go all Superman and have a few put together, because his all stemmed from the whole different planet thing. The flying, seeing through stuff, the lasers from his eyes, not to mention Hulk-like strength. Yeah, we should have a gander at him, too...


Okay, but hey, an excuse to have a handsome guy on the blog... pretty much it being Wednesday is the only reason I need.

So a superpower. Which one? I'll be honest. My favourite Marvel character is actually the HULK. But his 'superpower' isn't really what I'd be looking for. Mostly because control is a huge issue and I'm not sure turning green when I get angry would work that well for me, at least not lately. I'd rarely be anything BUT green.

If I could have just one, it would be the power of the mind. I'm thinking shifting. Yeah, I'd want to be a shifter...and all that comes along with it. The increased senses, the increased healing. Hopefully some form of increased longevity... so maybe not immortality per se but hell, a few hundred years would be nice.

But I'd like the ability to change into more than one animal. So I guess I'd want to be a true shape shifter, not just a shifter that changes into their spirit animal. I'd want to be able to access every kind of animal, or at least within reason. So like mystique! Okay, Raven, as she's the good counterpart. So yeah, Raven. That's the lines I'm looking for, only I'd probably pick animals to shift into, not people. Well, sometimes, lol. Imagine the trouble you could get into! Hell yeah. And OMG... this way I could shift into my favourite Marvel guy. I could be the female version of the Hulk. All raging and green, only it wouldn't be my only form. Maybe the one I use the most, lol, but now that I'm thinking about it, the possibilities are endless. Blue skin and scales... or whatever they are... sure. Bring 'em. 'Cause I would rock, baby.

So that's my superpower. Hmmm, what does that say about me? That I want to be able to change my appearance? Let's not dig too deep folks. It's not a psych eval. Because my other wish would be to have infinite use of my brain, and let's face it, the world's not ready for that. Me... like Dr. Spencer Reid only on steroids? Let's all just think about that for a while and be glad I'm picking Mystique.

Check out the other ladies and see what their superpowers are...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

When the dog bites, when the bee stings…

Wow. It's Wednesday again, and man, I'm still dreaming of being up in the UP with the amazing women of this post. All but Tess were there and can I just say, I haven't laughed that hard in a freaking long time. Anne also joined us... so awesome to see people you miss. We've already started counting down for next year!

And it was actually odd missing a Wednesday Randomness post. Dare I say I'm enjoying the blogging thing? Be afraid people. Be very afraid.

So this week... More of my favourite things, only it's the edible version (and do I have a couple of pics for you that most definitely qualify). The lovely ladies have chosen food and drink. So we'll now just switch to a non-stop parade of chocolate...and diet coke interspersed with tea—from Tim Hortons.

So let's start with drinks, shall we. I seriously don't have many. I'm not a big alcoholic drinker. Not because I'm against it, lol. Mostly because my body doesn't really react well. Though I will state—for the record—that if I am to drink, some kind of sugary, fruit flavoured drink is what's going down. Mike's Hard Lemonade... black cheery flavour... is my current drink of choice. Though I'll try other flavours, lol.

My current standby drinks are water, diet coke and tea. But not just any tea. Gotta be steeped tea from my favourite Canadian shop... Tim Hortons. Oh look. I have a picture.

I've been making a conscious effort to drink less Diet Coke. I do know that the chemicals aren't that great for me, so I've cut back. And let's face it folks, something had to pick up the slack. And it was going to be just have water.  Please, I can't be completely healthy all the damn time. I need to live in the fast lane. Take my shit to the extreme!

I know. Just go with me on this one. And I swear they put something in the tea to make it addictive. Having to go nine days without it to go to the UP—torture. Pure and utter torture. But don't worry. I'm making up for lost time.

OH, and I hate coffee. Sorry. But yeah. Hate it.

And that's really it. I'm boring, people. Boring. I will drink flavoured water, but for faves... yeah, these three.

Let's move on to food, shall we. And spoiler alert…it's about as exciting.

So, while we were up at the UP, we had that conversation... if zombies ate us, what would we all taste like. So Bronwyn would be granola, and Jenny's thinking she's pure sugar, which delights me to no end. And Jenny looks at me and says... Norris would taste like lettuce. This also delighted me to no end. And yes, I love lettuce. I love salads. Salads are by far my favourite food. If I go out, I order a salad. It might be a fancy one, with cranberries or strawberries and nuts. Or it could be plain because the other options suck. But hands down. I'm probably going to order a salad. So much so my friends pick places on the grounds that they offer at least one salad.

A close second would be fruit. I love fruit. LOVE. IT. Apples, berries, watermelon, bananas…there aren't very many I don't enjoy. And dried fruit is a close second. OMG... the dried mangos here. Even my kids love them. And banana chips. Hell yeah. So, as you can imagine, I love to combine the two themes and have Fruit Salad ;) I'm just clever that way.

I think part of the reason I love this stuff so much is because once upon a time I was a vegetarian. So yeah, I love veggies, too. My dinner can be a bowl full of steamed veggies with some cheese melted over the top. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. So I think my body has just gotten used to having this stuff. Now I do love chicken. And will eat the odd steak, but I rarely eat red meat (it will be the cause of the zombie apocalypse... just you wait and see. All those hamburgers we eat at the fast food places...ground zero people.) And I could happily never eat any form of meat again and not miss it. Though currently, I do love me some chicken.

Chocolate. Need I say more. I think not.

More chocolate. Yes, it needed to be listed twice. And you all know why.

Lastly, I do love me some bread. Now honestly, I rarely eat bread. Carbs and the like. But if I didn't worry about that kind of thing, I'd stuff down the bread daily. And nothing smells better than freshly baked bread. NOTHING.

Now there's just one more thing on my edible list that must be mentioned. Or at least shown!!!!!

And we all know he's completely edible...

Please hop on over to the fabulous ladies...and see what lovelies, I mean what awesome food and drinks they have on the menu