Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trapped Under Everything...

It has been forever since I've had time to blog. I know that sounds like an excuse, and I suppose it is, but seriously, I'm working until three a.m. these days and still getting up to do school and run with the dog. I'm absolutely exhausted... but that's life... and who doesn't want to beat out every breath it has to offer, while it's still going.

So, what's new? Well, I had a book release nearly a month ago and I haven't even put it up here. I'll get to Twice Bitten in a bit, but before that, I'd love to catch you up on the rest of my life. is rolling along for the kids.. I can't believe it's already been nearly three months. They seem to be doing okay... ask me in a couple of weeks, after I do the parent/teacher interviews... yeah, gotta love those. I'm desperately trying to find the time to write... yup, my day job has sucked the virtual creativity right out of me... but that's all going to end. I intend to make a few changes so I can get back to doing what I love. I just finished editing Hard Target with my awesome editor, and it's made me realize how much I love writing. We both decided that Hard Target needed some changes, and I was surprised at how hard it was at first to actually write. But once I got into it, wow... what a pleasure to create again. I can't wait to start on my next book.

Now I'm not sure what the next one will be. I have a shifter one I need to work on (and this will probably be my next attempt, lol) but would love to squeeze in a ménage book... thinking three hunky guys might be the right number. I'd also love to right the next instalment of both my vampire series and my Enchanted Lovers series... poor Tianna has been waiting for her book for some time.

My other big news... and this is still speculation at this time... is that a dear friend and I are contemplating entering the TransRocky Challenge. It's a seven day, multi-stage mountain bike race from Fernie BC to Canmore AB, across the continental divide... it involves an insane amount of climbing and some spectacular single-track riding...I'm totally stoked. Now the reason we're still contemplating it is the cost... these kind of races don't come cheap. And not only that, I really need to upgrade my bike if I want to compete (for fun, lol) in a race like this. I'll keep you posted... can you tell I'm excited just at the thought?

Okay, sooooo, on to the writing. I feel soooo guilty. I absolutely love Twice Bitten, but couldn't find a spare moment to announce it on here. This is the second story in the Dark Prophecy series and tells the tale of the second Talisman to be found. Only this time, there are two gorgeous enforcers and one lucky lady. So, better late than never, here's the blurb and a quick excerpt...

Twice bitten...once saved.

Despising the sight of blood isn’t a desirable quality for a vampire, never mind an Enforcer, a vampire sworn to protect a sacred talisman from those seeking its power. Couple that with a twin brother who can feel and taste your every sensation and immortality feels more like a curse. Too bad Gabe and Mathias’ troubles have just begun.

When the guardian of their talisman literally falls into their lap, they discover the draw of the pendant goes much deeper than just their pledge. It rekindles their sexual desires, and they’ll use all their vampire tricks to lure Ripley into their bed, and into their withered hearts

But when Ripley discovers the truth, her life and the fate of the talisman are put to the test. Can the men earn back her trust or will this sunset be their last?


Ripley quickened her pace, squinting at the bar’s silhouette as the sun rose behind it like a halo of gold. But there was nothing holy about the building, and she couldn’t shake the ripple of fear that rolled through her stomach as she stared at the dull brick. She hadn’t told her dad the real reason she didn’t want to venture to the bar today—he’d only laugh and tell her to stop living in a world of make-believe. But even as she tried to convince herself there wasn’t anything to be afraid of, a stark chill wove down her spine. It was as if the shadows were darker here, and the air just a few degrees colder.

She’d heard stories, though she was positive they were just that—elaborate stories. There were no such things as vampires or werewolves and standing there freezing her ass off as she decided whether it was safe to dash down the alley and slip in the rear entrance, was only delaying her task. If she didn’t hurry, Sirus might venture out from his suite to play in one of his fantasy rooms with one of the maids.

Ripley’s nipples tightened, and her pussy clenched at the image that formed in her mind. Though she’d never admitted it, more than a few of the rooms had tempted her imagination. While she’d had her share of sexual experiences, they’d all been ordinary, like vanilla-flavoured ice cream. She’d often considered sneaking into one of Sirus’ pleasure areas and experiencing something far more wicked. But she’d never had the nerve…or a partner she’d trusted enough. And she wasn’t about to put her faith in a stranger.

Or two…

She smiled at the lingering thought. Of all the rooms in Sirus’ place, the doubles area was by far the most intriguing. She’d witnessed a few of the ladies from the bar indulge in multiple partners, but had never accepted any of the offers to try the pleasure for herself. To feel twin tongues caressing her body or have one man lick her while another rode her to completion. Since she’d stopped being Sirus’ accountant two years ago, she’d been lucky to score a date, let alone a night of wild passion.

A sharp gust of cold air startled her from her thoughts. She pulled her collar tighter as she neared the door, avoiding the collection of trashcans piled beside the small set of stairs. She grabbed for the railing and stepped up when one of the lids from the cans clattered to the ground, sending a harsh tone echoing down the alley. Ripley screamed and jumped, clutching her chest as a black cat jumped out of the wreckage and scooted down the street, its claws making faint scratching sounds along the cement. She closed her eyes, trying to calm the pounding in her chest as she forced her legs forward, promising herself she wouldn’t be bullied again. This was it…her last favour.

The keys jingled as she shuffled through them, looking for the small brass oval. The fact she’d kept her set told her more than she wanted to know. A depressing gloom settled over her as she slipped the key into the hole, the familiar sound of the lock tumbling inside the door lighting the cold air. She gave a shove, cringing when a loud creak filled the silence. God help her if Sirus decided to investigate the sound. The man had a way of breaking through her defences until his wish seemed to have been her idea.

Ripley took a deep breath, the cold air tingling the inside of her nose. She held her head high and pushed open the door, stepping into the scattering of shadows laced along the hallway. She’d half expected Sirus to be leaning against the wall, his usual cocky smile curving his lips, and was relieved to be greeted by nothing more than an empty hallway. She headed off to her right, taking the basement steps two at a time. The quicker she found the files, the quicker she got back to her mundane life.

She stopped at a large door, and slipped the key into the lock, smiling as it clicked open, swinging the heavy wood across the floor. A wedge of light opened up across the room, illuminating a stack of boxes off to her right. Apparently Sirus was using the place as a storage room, which meant finding the files would be more challenging.

She cursed her dumb luck and tossed the keys back in her purse as she stepped farther inside, casting more light along the left section of the room. An antique, oak desk shimmered into sight as the door swung away, casting a harsh glare along the back wall.

Ripley turned to flick on the lights when her gaze landed on the dim outline of a half-naked man on the couch, his large form splayed across the cushions. Her breath caught in her chest, the audible rasp whispering through the room. She sensed the air ripple around her a moment before a set of fangs appeared in front of her.

She shrieked and lurched back, losing her purse as it slipped off her arm, landing with a thud on the floor. She raised her hands in defence, glancing towards the door when another body materialised behind it and slammed the thing shut. Pale skin held her eyes as the figure turned, the man’s face distorted into some kind of animal. The first creature grabbed her arm and she instinctively yanked back, tripping over her bag when her foot caught in the strap. Her boot shot forward, launching her body backwards. There was a harried moment of freefall before a loud bang rattled her head, and she faded into the darkness.

Twice Bitten is currently available at Total-e-Bound and through kindle. I have to admit, Gabe is a vamp after my heart. I loved writing him and hope you enjoy it.

Okay, hitting the sack here. I promise to try and post more often. I really want to start yacking about more than just writing... cause yeah, my life is that freaky at times, I'm sure someone will get a kick out of it.