Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The sound of a switchblade and a motorbike…

Okay, work with me folks. I'm running out of creative ways to introduce favourite things. So I've turned to Nickelback. I'm certain this shocks no one. But it all leads to this week's blog topic. Drum roll please...Favourite things Actors and Actresses.

Seriously? This is just going to be a Keanu and Matthew blog fest. Again, I will probably go on some kind of list for virtual stalking. I wonder what they think when they see blog posts with their pictures on it? But Keanu is Canadian, people! CANADIAN. Like Chad... I have to support my fellow Canadians.

Thus, I will give you my list of favourite actors...and yes, I'll toss in an actress to appease people. But it's the guys I'm looking at. And this will by no means be a complete list. There are far too many. I'll have to just list a few. A measly few, folks. So, in no particular order...

Keanu Reeves.

I figured, might as well just get this one up there. You all knew it was coming, so... here he is. And some of my favourite roles? Constantine.. again, no shock factor. Neo and his role in Something's Gotta Give.

Matthew Gubler-Grey

Yup, second one was obvious. I know. His role as Dr. Spencer Reid. We all know what I think of it and what it does to me. So let's just look. And look some more.

Robert Downey Jr.

Now, he had some questionable stuff in his early years, but damn. He is the man behind two of my favourite characters ~ Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. I particularly love him as Holmes. And his new movie looks good. I just think the man really came into his own as he got older. Wiser.

Richard Dean Anderson

I know. I'm dating myself but damn, MacGyver! And his role on Stargate SG1 and a short lived series called Legend (I think). One of my faves from days gone by, people.

Sean Connery...okay, Sir Sean Connery

Need I say anything about this man. He will always be the James Bond for me. And his role as Indie's father...priceless.

Sandra Bullock

Yes, I love this lady. Ms. Congeniality, Heat, a dozen other roles. One of my all-time favourite actresses.

Betty White.

The woman deserves to be every bit the legend that she is. I adore her and have since her Mary Tyler Moore days... she was in that, right? That's going back for me, lol. But I definitely remember her in Golden Girls and everything since. She's amazing.

Lastly... Kirsten Vangsness

She plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds and I honestly love her character and how she portrays it. She's vivacious and the kind of person you'd want as a friend, lol. And she's super pretty.

Oh... how did Matthew get in that one. Oops. My bad.

Of course, I think we all know who my favourite is... I know. I need help, people. Go have a gander at the other ladies. I'm thinking Sean and Robert might have a chance at showing up again. And Betty White should be on everyone's list, lol. 


  1. Nice list! :D And I'm not the least little bit surprised. :)

  2. I love that Betty White is on your list! She's amazing. :)

  3. *sigh* Your blog does not like me. Either that or you keep deleting my comments :-P

  4. I always loved Richard Dean Anderson's hands in MacGyver.

  5. First, the Anonymous poster above is my sister, Judith. And second, I was totally stunned that you not only mentioned Keanu, but Spencer and then talked about Nickelback. ;-)

  6. Yes... I know everyone was shocked. I had Canadian content and included Matt. I hope no one spewed coffee from the surprise. And I'm rather taken aback that no one... not one of you...included anyone from my list. What is wrong with this world.