Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm so happy…

So, after taking a week off—okay, I wasn't really slacking. I moved this weekend, and let me tell you, I'd much rather have been blogging last Wednesday than packing—and it's not much better this week.  But I found the laptop so…

This week on Random Wednesday, it's "What Makes Me Happy."

Well, I can tell you my number one right this moment—NOT MOVING! Not moving makes me very happy. Moving, however, not so much. The next one best be to the forever home, lol. 

Anyway, things that make me happy in no particular order…

Running on the trails. Nothing rejuvenates me more than trail running. The trees, the dirt, the sounds of nature. I honestly don't know how folks run in the city. But then I'm a city girl.

Anything else to do in nature, lol. Hiking, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, star gazing... you name it, it makes me feel great joy...

Writing. When it's going well. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but most of the time, I love writing. Having a story that's playing in your head materialize on 'paper' is beyond satisfying. 

Reading. I love being transported somewhere else with characters that make me feel like family. A well-written book is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Hanging with friends and family. I love my kids, love being with them. They are hilarious and such characters—they make simple chores like shopping an adventure. And the ladies of this blog—OMG...our time at the cabin doesn't compare. I never laugh so much as during that week.

I'd love to saying being with that special someone, but…hey, one day! And with that will go all the 'happy' activities, snicker. Because that makes me very happy...

Watching a good movie or TV series. Except for when they do stupid things... hello. Walking Dead. No more dumb moves, okay? And no killing off major characters, sigh. 

Finally, being on or near the water. Maybe it's the whole evolution thing—the whole starting out in water—but I love the sounds of waves lapping on the beach, of birds calling—most things involving the water. Boating, swimming...I just love the water. 

That's all for me. I know, a bit whimsy on the post, but hey, I'm still surrounded by boxes. Please check out the other ladies. I'm sure their lists will be all shiny and full of pictures...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We go together like wham a lam a lam a…

It's it's randomness time, lol. There's just one problem—the topic this week. It's Favourite School Memories. And honestly, I sit here and I'm thinking…do I have any? LOL. No, it's not as if I can't remember any…I'm getting there, but not quite, thanks. But it's mostly just a blur. Classes, the cool kids (no I wasn't really part of them). I was one of the smart kids. So, the cool kids accepted me because hey, they needed help with Algebra :)

Before we get to that... how about a blast back to my school years... I remember having crazy crushes on Tom Wopat (Luke Duke all the way, baby). And wanting to roller-skate like in Xanadu, lol. And let's not forget Grease. I must have seen that movie in the theatres over a dozen times...back when you could get in without having to mortgage a house.

But things I do remember…Getting to colour in class! Hey, it was the best thing. I remember staying late just to keep colouring. Back when I lived within walking distance and kids walked to school without worrying about that kind of thing.

Phys-ed…again, I GOT to play sports. Run, hell I didn't even mind the square dancing and polka routines we had to do. Though, as I was also the lead, it's hard to switch back now…:)

I remember that in grade school, when you got to grade 6 you got to go to the 'big kids' wing. We had this awesome section of the school at the far end on the upper floor that was just for the grade 6's. It had double doors and was so super cool. It was as if you'd arrived somewhere special. The first real passage of rights.

I remember having this third grade play we had to put on. Our teacher was lu lu. Seriously. And she had us tossing these balls up in the air, which was fine for the coordinated kids. But for those who weren't—yeah, the fact the band was playing directly at below the raised stage didn't end so well for them. I'm pretty sure you can imagine what happened. But I honestly still laugh about that now.

We won't talk about middle school. We just won't. And things will be fine.

Then high school. I remember first crushes...kind of finding out who you were and which friends were friends worth having. I remember dances and playing cards in the cafeteria. That was huge. That we had a cafeteria, lol. And yeah, played there a lot.

I also remember grade 12 English. Mostly because that's where my love of story-telling began. I mean, really began. Where a teacher actually told me to consider writing stories. So yeah, that's a good one.

And honestly, not much else. School is more of an overall, I did fine. I got good grades, and wasn't terribly tormented. Have good memories, and some I'd rather forget. But I survived and won't rock in a corner later mumbling about it. No, I have lots of other memories for that :)

But go check out the gal pals. See how coloured their memories are...and we'll see you back here next week.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And then I don't feel so bad…

Another Wednesday. Wow, I nearly forgot. AGAIN. This time is was yet another deadline, which I actually met. I still can't believe it. It's also hard to remember what day it is. Here in lovely British Columbia, the teachers are on strike. So—no school. Yup, be jealous folks because I have an extended summer vacation. Of course, this will most likely not bode well for later, but I'm trying to enjoy it as I have no control over what happens.

Anyway, it's another episode of my favourite things. And this week it's cover art. Sooooooooo, because everyone is always saying you need to promote post is going to be the top several covers I'VE MADE... YES ME. MOI. I. I started making covers several months back (oh, maybe longer but hey, I can't remember) and I've made quite a few since then. So I thought I'd highlight my favourite—let me clarify that. By to date, I also mean ones I can show. If the author and/or publisher hasn't revealed it yet, then I can't steal their thunder. That would be un-Canadian, 'eh? So here are the ones I still look at and go.... le sigh. And in no particular order. I'm just pulling them out of the computer, lol.

In a word—perfection. And I don't mean that in a vain sort of way, lol. When this book releases in October—you must go and read it. YA at it's best folks. And by perfect I mean it suits the story so, well, perfectly. The girl, the scene from the book. The blending of colours. Yeah, one of my faves.

I made this one for the three amazingly talented ladies of this group. And I love it. Again, the colours, the castle. The romantic couple. Le sigh.

This was probably one of the first covers that I made that I really stopped and thought... hell yeah. This is for Kim Dare and frankly, I'm always so worried with covers for her because she's so amazing and I want the cover to do her book justice. And this one just fit the story so well. I love it.

This was the first cover of mine I got to make. Can I just say THANK YOU RESPLENDENCE PUBLISHING! I do covers for them now and they've been super supportive. Most of my faves are RP covers. And I feel so fortunate to have the chance to give the awesome authors there pretty covers to go with the incredible books. I love the colour of the aurora borealis, how it plays off of my name and the couple—I wanted romantic and I thought this really felt that way. Him kissing her forehead—yeah, I'm hopelessly romantic that way. It makes me smile every time.

Okay, this is my release that coming out September 17th with RP. I fucking love it. I know, I made it so that's a bit vain, but just really turned out better than I'd hoped. The guys are super sexy but the girl. I just love this picture. It's perfect for an old west image. I think anyway. And it's sexy without showing too much skin. And the wolf... yeah. Love this one.

I also love this one which I got to make for my awesome gal pal, BA Tortuga.. again I was super worried because I'm a freaking stalker and fangirl and I didn't want the cover not to equal the brilliance I know would be inside. But damn, the colours in this one. Yeah, that guy in the front is awesome. The shading on his skin... Just... yeah. Love it.

I love this one for it's elegance. This girl is so beautiful and the male model is one of my favourites. It's understated, which is it's charm. I just loved the way they went together. And the colours. 

I also just made one for Sean Michael, which I'm not sure is out and about yet, but wow... it turned out so freaking hot. The guy…he should be my reward. And the way the colours play off each other. I'm actually sad I can't show it off. I also made a few for the lovely Jessica Jarman, but again, not revealed yet. As if my cover for my upcoming release in October entitled Ricochet. Again, super hot and awesome mix of colours. The title just pops out.

Of course, I could just keep going. Adding more. I've done more for Kim that I love, and some others as well, but these are ones that jump out at me every time.

Now hop on over to the other ladies and see what their take was and what they love in a cover.