Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm too sexy for my shirt…

Random time again. And this week it all about Mad Skills people... yeah, so basically this post is over and I'll just go and wear the bowl of shame for the rest of the week. Thanks for dropping by...

Okay, so I guess I can think of a couple of freaking mad skills. Though mad might be over-rated. Okay, highly over-rated. But I'll list what I can folks. You'll just have to suspend belief for the next few minutes.

1 - I can remember the lyrics of almost every song, including TV show themes.

Hey, don't laugh. This is an extremely useful skill. Being able to sing along at the drop of a hat...hell, yeah. And you can rock in games like Trivia Pursuit or even just 'name that tune' kind of times. Go ahead...test me people.

2 - I remember where most actors/actresses are in which movie or TV show.

Again, another highly useful trait. My brother tests me all the time. You'll be happy to know I have passed this awesomely mad skill on to my kids. And I quiz them at the drop of a hat. I think Jared might have surpassed me in this ability. He's brilliant at recognizing people.

3 - Remembering lines from movies.

Yeah, I know there's a trend here. I see it. So it's two-fold, really. One, I have a photographic memory. Not quite the eidetic memory of my fave, Dr. Spencer Reid, but I can usually visualize what I need to recall—where it was on a page. How it was written. That sort of thing. Helped in University for sure. And two...a misspent youth with far too much time on my hands.

4 - I'll be vain and say graphic art. So websites and cover art.

Yes... vain I say, but damn...I can figure most shit out and I freaking love the covers I've made. So there. Deal with it people. And I'm going to be even worse and include some...

Now I wish I could say things like knitting, or painting or parkour. Especially parkour. I have taken jujitsu, but no mad skills. And I mountain bike, but again, I wouldn't call it mad skills. More like I get so tired my give a damns just deplete and I try anything.

And yeah, I'm not going to say writing because...well, that's just weird. Definitely not the Canadian way, lol.

Sadly, that's it. I can't think of any other mad skills. Maybe I need to get some. Kick boxing. Yeah, that and using a bow and arrow. I'll work on those and maybe by the time this subject resurfaces I can have more mad skills.

Go check out the ladies and see what abilities they kick ass at.

Bronwyn   |   Jess   |   Gwendolyn  


  1. Dude, your cover art skills are legendary. And never underestimate the power in knowing all the lyrics to everything. My sister and I possess that same skill! :D Also, photographic memory? That just rocks! :D

  2. It is not vanity. It is accepting of one's mad skills. You're damn good at that cover art and it is not vain to admit it.

  3. Your talent at creating cover art is mindblowing. Not only in it's gorgeousness, but being able to know what will work. Heck, I give you so little sometimes and you come up with something I fall in love with. THAT is massively mad skills, sister!

    And you won't say it, but I will, you crazy Canadian...You are a phenomenal writer. I get lost in the worlds you create each and every time. That is something to be proud of. MWAH

  4. I am tossing in with Jarman and Bron - you have amazing artistic skills. I love my cover!! I love how you made the men have tattoos . . . and they weren't there before. To me, that's magic. I also think you're an amazing writer. So see skills. But you forgot one mad skill . . . bear fighting . .. you fight bears man and that's something to be way proud of. ;-)