Thursday, December 30, 2010

Testing my Tech Savvy,

Well, without disclosing any secrets, lol, I'm trying out a new banner program and need somewhere to post the trials as I blogger seems like the best candidate. I'm getting together with a group of other authors to do a giveaway in the New Year...kind of a hey, you didn't get it for Christmas so let's call it a New Year's present.

So please excuse the constantly changing banners as I try to get one that pleases six women... this could take awhile:)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bring on 2011...

Okay, so for today, I'm double posting here and over at Hitting the Hot Spot, but hey, this one is too important to not post here. It's my turn for sharing my upcoming resolutions and while I'm usually don't make any, this year things are going to change. It seems natural to anticipate a new start and make plans for what the future might bring. Though I do think it's funny how we all wait until January to make resolutions, when we have 364 other days to make the same ones...but hey, I'm just as guilty.

As it turns out, I've also been putting off being accountable for some aspects of my life until the new year, and as the days dwindle away, I'm realizing it's time to start holding true to my upcoming goals...but are they realistic? Can I be dedicated to keeping them for more than a week or two? Well, there's no better way than to put your thoughts out there so others can ask how it's going...yup, the people pleaser in me is shining through.

So, for this year, I actually have a list of things I want to either improve on or just plain get cracking on...

1 - I want to blog more you may have noticed, even this post is a bit late. I should have posted last night, but, as I was preoccupied with the kids, I let it slide and wrote it this morning. I'm really going to try to post something on my personal blog three times a week. Lord knows my personal life has more than enough chaos to keep me going...I just need to stop moving long enough to write it down.

2 - Training...this is the year I'm going to kick my butt into some serious shape. Yeah, I know, this one is on everyone's list, but there's a race I want to do....7 days on a mountain bike through the Rocky Mountains...and if I don't get into some seriously good shape, well, my bike might have to make the trip alone.

3 - Write...okay, I know, this is down there on the list, but the list isn't in's just out there. I got more than overwhelmed with other jobs last year and my writing really took a backseat to some other stuff. I only pounded some books out when my friends hounded me and that has got to change. So I'm going to dedicate time everyday to writing and commit myself to writing at least 8 books this year... yup, 8 is the minimum. I'd love to aim for 10, but I do have to work and I do have a family and there's resolution number two, yeah, 8.

4 - I need to get and keep my website (and some friends' sites) up-to-date without anyone having to ask. I'm usually pretty good about this, but lately, I just don't know where the time goes. I mean, I have these great plans to do all this stuff, then don't end up getting anything done. But that's all going to change. And why? Because a new year is the perfect time for a new start and a new attitude. So for those of you who drum your fingers wondering when I'm going to update your website, drum no more... I'm on it.

And finally, 5 - Try to appreciate my kids more and make sure they don't end up on a list somewhere. I really do try to put them first, but I need to make sure I don't sweat the small stuff. I've been a bit, well um, uptight lately, and I just need to relax. After all, they are the best thing that ever happened to me and I want them to know it...always.

Okay, so there you have it. The top 5 resolutions for the year. I could have easily have listed more, but let's be realistic folks. Just keeping these will be a challenge for me, so who needs to make unachievable goals. I think these are within reach, if I attempt to get a bit more organized and a little less easily distracted... yup, that's me... doing something then suddenly, squirrel! (those of you who saw the movie UP will understand)

So, what are your resolutions? And not just those things you say because, well, you have to say something. Are you really going to make some that you can stick to and think will make a difference in your life? I'd love to know. I plan on updating these resolutions on my blog (yup, to keep that first resolution) so drop by anytime and help me stay accountable.

I hope everyone enjoys these last few days of 2010...make the most of them and join me in raising a toast to the incoming year. May 2011 bring your dreams to light and your worries to an end. See you next year (oh, I just love saying that)!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Life gets in the way of Hard Target, lol...

Well, it's been nearly three weeks since Hard Target came out and you guessed it, I haven't blogged a thing. What is it about the last couple of months of the year that suck every moment of life out of you? I've been busy with kids. My two boys had a hockey tournament up-island. A rather enjoyable weekend. I love watching both of my boys play hockey together. They actually get along and to see them encourage each other really is special for me. I consider myself very lucky. As far as brothers go, they don't really fight, but when they work together...yeah, I can see them in a band together later or opening a business together. Hey, let me dream :)

Anyway, the weekend was a grand success...they finished second...with one exception. The dog ate a seat belt and injured another. I don't know what it is about seat belts, but Bandit decided we had far too many in the SUV and helped herself. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed, though I am trying to find the humour in it now. Lucky I love her so darn much, lol.

In other news, my youngest son, Jared, had the lead role in the Christmas concert—I know, concert implies singing and yes, they sang their little hearts out, but it was a medieval Christmas and he played the part of the Squire. He was brilliant (yes, I can say that even though he's my son) and didn't miss a line. He looked so natural up there and was the only kid who had to memorize more than a line or two... he had several scenes. We're fortunate enough to have a fabulous music teacher at our school and I enjoyed every moment on the performance. I even had to videotape it as a fund raiser for the school...the video editing comes later, when there's actually time. Thank God for iMovie and making life easy.

So, with those reasons safely tucked in my pocket, it's little reason I haven't blogged about my latest release—Hard Target. I'm actually kind of surprised as this book is very dear to me. It was the first book I ever wrote and has probably seen more revisions than Michael Jackson. But in the end, I love how it all turned out and can't wait until it's available at all the third party retailers. Right now you can pick it up at Resplendence Publishing...

Here's the blurb...

A promise worth dying for…a woman determined to save him. All that stands between them and success is ten thousand feet and a mile of ice.

Ex-Federal agent Kyle Sullivan can’t afford any distractions. He’s in the middle of a highly volatile mission and the last thing he needs is to fall for the woman he’s entrusted his life to. But his heart has other plans.

Taylor Austin isn’t sure what to think of her new client, the not so bookish “professor” Kyle Sullivan. Everything about him screams sexy, and she can’t help but wonder if he’s hiding something. But just her luck, all he seems interested in is trekking his ass half-way across a glacier to a deserted cave. And in October, the Rocky Mountains couldn’t be more treacherous. If they can just make it across the ice sheet, perhaps she can convince him that she’s more interesting than his ancient artifacts.

Taylor is everything Kyle ever wanted in a woman…smart, strong and a whole lot of trouble. But he needs her, and not just to fill the emptiness inside him. She’s the only guide capable of getting him to a remote hideout alive, and that’s worth risking everything…even his heart.

I've decided to make one of my New Year's resolutions to actually blog... yes, to find a way out from beneath that heavy furniture and hide in the house just long enough to get some words out...but there is another passion that will be interfering in my life next year. A dear friend and I are planning on participating in the 10th annual TransRockies Challenge. It's a seven day, multi-stage mountain bike race that starts in Fernie, BC and ends in Canmore, AB... it's an epic ride and if we're actually going to do it we'll be spending more and more time on the bike as the months go by. But I will endeavour to blog far more. After all, my life is chaotic and I'm certain you'd all love hearing about my daily battles with it... right?

Thanks and here's to a great kick-off of the 2010 Holiday season.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trapped Under Everything...

It has been forever since I've had time to blog. I know that sounds like an excuse, and I suppose it is, but seriously, I'm working until three a.m. these days and still getting up to do school and run with the dog. I'm absolutely exhausted... but that's life... and who doesn't want to beat out every breath it has to offer, while it's still going.

So, what's new? Well, I had a book release nearly a month ago and I haven't even put it up here. I'll get to Twice Bitten in a bit, but before that, I'd love to catch you up on the rest of my life. is rolling along for the kids.. I can't believe it's already been nearly three months. They seem to be doing okay... ask me in a couple of weeks, after I do the parent/teacher interviews... yeah, gotta love those. I'm desperately trying to find the time to write... yup, my day job has sucked the virtual creativity right out of me... but that's all going to end. I intend to make a few changes so I can get back to doing what I love. I just finished editing Hard Target with my awesome editor, and it's made me realize how much I love writing. We both decided that Hard Target needed some changes, and I was surprised at how hard it was at first to actually write. But once I got into it, wow... what a pleasure to create again. I can't wait to start on my next book.

Now I'm not sure what the next one will be. I have a shifter one I need to work on (and this will probably be my next attempt, lol) but would love to squeeze in a ménage book... thinking three hunky guys might be the right number. I'd also love to right the next instalment of both my vampire series and my Enchanted Lovers series... poor Tianna has been waiting for her book for some time.

My other big news... and this is still speculation at this time... is that a dear friend and I are contemplating entering the TransRocky Challenge. It's a seven day, multi-stage mountain bike race from Fernie BC to Canmore AB, across the continental divide... it involves an insane amount of climbing and some spectacular single-track riding...I'm totally stoked. Now the reason we're still contemplating it is the cost... these kind of races don't come cheap. And not only that, I really need to upgrade my bike if I want to compete (for fun, lol) in a race like this. I'll keep you posted... can you tell I'm excited just at the thought?

Okay, sooooo, on to the writing. I feel soooo guilty. I absolutely love Twice Bitten, but couldn't find a spare moment to announce it on here. This is the second story in the Dark Prophecy series and tells the tale of the second Talisman to be found. Only this time, there are two gorgeous enforcers and one lucky lady. So, better late than never, here's the blurb and a quick excerpt...

Twice bitten...once saved.

Despising the sight of blood isn’t a desirable quality for a vampire, never mind an Enforcer, a vampire sworn to protect a sacred talisman from those seeking its power. Couple that with a twin brother who can feel and taste your every sensation and immortality feels more like a curse. Too bad Gabe and Mathias’ troubles have just begun.

When the guardian of their talisman literally falls into their lap, they discover the draw of the pendant goes much deeper than just their pledge. It rekindles their sexual desires, and they’ll use all their vampire tricks to lure Ripley into their bed, and into their withered hearts

But when Ripley discovers the truth, her life and the fate of the talisman are put to the test. Can the men earn back her trust or will this sunset be their last?


Ripley quickened her pace, squinting at the bar’s silhouette as the sun rose behind it like a halo of gold. But there was nothing holy about the building, and she couldn’t shake the ripple of fear that rolled through her stomach as she stared at the dull brick. She hadn’t told her dad the real reason she didn’t want to venture to the bar today—he’d only laugh and tell her to stop living in a world of make-believe. But even as she tried to convince herself there wasn’t anything to be afraid of, a stark chill wove down her spine. It was as if the shadows were darker here, and the air just a few degrees colder.

She’d heard stories, though she was positive they were just that—elaborate stories. There were no such things as vampires or werewolves and standing there freezing her ass off as she decided whether it was safe to dash down the alley and slip in the rear entrance, was only delaying her task. If she didn’t hurry, Sirus might venture out from his suite to play in one of his fantasy rooms with one of the maids.

Ripley’s nipples tightened, and her pussy clenched at the image that formed in her mind. Though she’d never admitted it, more than a few of the rooms had tempted her imagination. While she’d had her share of sexual experiences, they’d all been ordinary, like vanilla-flavoured ice cream. She’d often considered sneaking into one of Sirus’ pleasure areas and experiencing something far more wicked. But she’d never had the nerve…or a partner she’d trusted enough. And she wasn’t about to put her faith in a stranger.

Or two…

She smiled at the lingering thought. Of all the rooms in Sirus’ place, the doubles area was by far the most intriguing. She’d witnessed a few of the ladies from the bar indulge in multiple partners, but had never accepted any of the offers to try the pleasure for herself. To feel twin tongues caressing her body or have one man lick her while another rode her to completion. Since she’d stopped being Sirus’ accountant two years ago, she’d been lucky to score a date, let alone a night of wild passion.

A sharp gust of cold air startled her from her thoughts. She pulled her collar tighter as she neared the door, avoiding the collection of trashcans piled beside the small set of stairs. She grabbed for the railing and stepped up when one of the lids from the cans clattered to the ground, sending a harsh tone echoing down the alley. Ripley screamed and jumped, clutching her chest as a black cat jumped out of the wreckage and scooted down the street, its claws making faint scratching sounds along the cement. She closed her eyes, trying to calm the pounding in her chest as she forced her legs forward, promising herself she wouldn’t be bullied again. This was it…her last favour.

The keys jingled as she shuffled through them, looking for the small brass oval. The fact she’d kept her set told her more than she wanted to know. A depressing gloom settled over her as she slipped the key into the hole, the familiar sound of the lock tumbling inside the door lighting the cold air. She gave a shove, cringing when a loud creak filled the silence. God help her if Sirus decided to investigate the sound. The man had a way of breaking through her defences until his wish seemed to have been her idea.

Ripley took a deep breath, the cold air tingling the inside of her nose. She held her head high and pushed open the door, stepping into the scattering of shadows laced along the hallway. She’d half expected Sirus to be leaning against the wall, his usual cocky smile curving his lips, and was relieved to be greeted by nothing more than an empty hallway. She headed off to her right, taking the basement steps two at a time. The quicker she found the files, the quicker she got back to her mundane life.

She stopped at a large door, and slipped the key into the lock, smiling as it clicked open, swinging the heavy wood across the floor. A wedge of light opened up across the room, illuminating a stack of boxes off to her right. Apparently Sirus was using the place as a storage room, which meant finding the files would be more challenging.

She cursed her dumb luck and tossed the keys back in her purse as she stepped farther inside, casting more light along the left section of the room. An antique, oak desk shimmered into sight as the door swung away, casting a harsh glare along the back wall.

Ripley turned to flick on the lights when her gaze landed on the dim outline of a half-naked man on the couch, his large form splayed across the cushions. Her breath caught in her chest, the audible rasp whispering through the room. She sensed the air ripple around her a moment before a set of fangs appeared in front of her.

She shrieked and lurched back, losing her purse as it slipped off her arm, landing with a thud on the floor. She raised her hands in defence, glancing towards the door when another body materialised behind it and slammed the thing shut. Pale skin held her eyes as the figure turned, the man’s face distorted into some kind of animal. The first creature grabbed her arm and she instinctively yanked back, tripping over her bag when her foot caught in the strap. Her boot shot forward, launching her body backwards. There was a harried moment of freefall before a loud bang rattled her head, and she faded into the darkness.

Twice Bitten is currently available at Total-e-Bound and through kindle. I have to admit, Gabe is a vamp after my heart. I loved writing him and hope you enjoy it.

Okay, hitting the sack here. I promise to try and post more often. I really want to start yacking about more than just writing... cause yeah, my life is that freaky at times, I'm sure someone will get a kick out of it.


Monday, September 13, 2010

And so a New Era Begins...

It's official. After years of knowing it was going to happen and preparing myself for the inevitable, the day has finally arrived... I am now the proud (if not psychotic) mother of a TEENAGER!!! Yes it's true. Kyle is thirteen today!

I'm not sure how it happened. I swear just yesterday my little boy was smiling up at me with only four teeth and an innocence that warms the heart. I was the centre of his world and well... moms ruled back then.

Now, he's nearly tall enough to look me in the eye, and I swear the xbox has taken my roll as gravity queen and said centre of the universe...oh, I'm in there somewhere. I'm the "mom can I have 5 bucks for lunch?" and "mom, can we go to a movie, oh and you have to drive." Yeah, I'm there... just not quite the way it used to be.

Don't get me wrong. I love having older kids. Getting the freedom back to finally grocery shop without all three in tow. I'm sure you all remember chariot races down the aisles and crying children right at checkout time. Then there's being able to go for a run without worrying about finding someone to watch them. Having real, adult-like conversations and going to movies that aren't animated and rated higher than G. But it's also a constant reminder that the years, are indeed, passing and it won't be long before driving then living on their own...dare I say grandchildren?

Okay, maybe I'm jumping the gun just a bit, but thirteen is huge!!!! The last step before true adulthood. He's not a child anymore, he's a teenager, soon to be adult... I think I need a drink.

Anyway, here's a huge Happy Birthday to my son, Kyle. He's a great kid and I couldn't be blessed with a better kid to ease me into my new role as mom of kids with hormones and crushes. I hope you have a great day!!!!! I love you and I'm so very proud of you.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School, Motorcycles and a Deadly Obsession...

Well, today was the first day of school, and quite frankly, I'm not ready for summer to be over. I know there are lots of parents who celebrate the ending of summer vacation and dance into another school year...but I'm not one of them. Quite frankly, I love summer vacation and wish we had another month of it.

Now it's not to say my kids don't get on my nerves and I do enjoy the brief quiet in the house, but other than that, I quite dislike school time. The driving back and forth, the arguments over homework and projects...struggling to make it to the school bus stop on time and the herculean acts to get them out of bed... yes, I dislike school. Did I mention endless lunches and early bedtimes.

I am starting to think my children and I are a lost horde of vampires who really want to stay up all night and sleep 'til noon. And I'd love for someone to tell me what the hell happened to school being from 9 to 3:30? My kids are out the door at 7:30 and home by 2:30...I'm certain the school system is royally screwed up.

But alas, another school year is here and I'm trying to embrace it...if we only survive the first week.

In other news, my brother took a spill on his motorcycle. Now I don't normally talk about such things, but the man broke two ribs, his collarbone and his scapula in three places... all this and he just finished racing in the Ironman in Penticton... I'm just glad he was wearing a helmet...nothing too serious, but lord knows he's not happy and won't be running anymore 'races' for a while... here's wishing you a speedy recovery, bro.

Finally, one piece of good news...

It seems Deadly Obsession is still hanging on to third spot in the Thriller category at All Romance ebooks. I'm tickled pink it's doing so well. In its first week it soared up to third place and became a best seller. I know it won't last forever, but it's sure great while it lasts.

Okay, time to hit the sack. It's late and the bus comes whether we're out there or not.

Romancing adventure at a time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Time for Keeping Faith!


Today, my new book, Keeping Faith, is available from Total-e-Bound as part of their Threefold Anthology. It's the first time I've ever been in an anthology, and what company I'm with. Authors Brynn Paulin, Kim Dare, Desiree Holt, Charolette Stein and Suzanne Graham... I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm seriously planning on sponging off their fans in the hopes I'll grab some new ones. And even better is that I'll ve able to see this one in print soon, too.

Okay, so what is the Threefold Anthology about? Well, I'm sure you've guessed it's a ménage collection, and I believe that all of the stories include two hunky gentlemen and an extremely lucky lady. There is a huge variety of genres here, and I know you won't be disappointed if you pick one up. From BDSM to contemporary to the beginning of a new series, this collection has it all.

As for my story, I decided to put my years as a helicopter pilot to good use, since I'm not making a living flying anymore, lol. Here's the blurb and a quick peek inside...


Faith is about to discover why three is a prime number.

As a helicopter pilot, Faith Anderson is pretty open-minded. But when she finds her lover’s best friend in his bed, naked, she assumes the worst and leaves, not realising she’s just walked out on years of planning.

Donovan can’t believe his ultimate seduction has just gone up in flames, not after finally finding a woman he and his friend, Parker, know is the other piece to their puzzle. They’ve spent years watching her, and after being together for over a year, one miscalculation has ruined everything…until Parker comes up with a plan that’ll have Faith flying back into their arms, and their bed.


A strong gust of wind buffeted the aircraft, dropping it a hundred feet. Faith tensed, dragging her thoughts back into the cabin. She looked at the horizon, cursing the band of clouds building ahead of her. Pockets of visible rain loomed over the flatlands periodically illuminated by flashes of bright lightning. She glanced at the map, gauging the distance to the small drilling station. It’d be tight, but she might be able to get back in the air before the storm reached the clearing.

Faith pulled more pitch and pushed the nose forward, gaining speed. It would only buy her a few minutes, but that might be all she’d need. The helicopter shimmied in the gusting wind, making her grateful she’d missed dinner. As strong as her stomach was, the constant turbulence grated on her nerves.

She cursed and lowered the machine, skimming across the treetops. An opening in the landscape blossomed into view, marking the cabin’s location. She lowered the power, broadcasting her intentions out across the radio as she readied the chopper for landing. Large drops of rain splattered on the bubble, distorting her view as she bled off the remaining airspeed and settled the machine across the small log pad. A flash of light flickered across the sky, followed by a low rumble.

“Bloody hell.”

She shut the machine down, not willing to chance the gusting winds. The men hadn’t so much as glanced out of the cabin windows, adding to her growing tension. If they didn’t get airborne before the edge of the storm passed over, they’d all be stuck for the night.

Faith jumped out of the helicopter, secured one of the blades as it slowed to a stop and grabbed the rifle out of the baggage compartment. While it was only sixty feet to the cabin, she never left the machine without it. Grizzlies were unpredictable this time of year, and she wasn’t in the mood for any more delays. She shielded her face against the onslaught of wind and rain, and ran for the door. How the guys hadn’t heard the chopper land was a mystery to her, but she’d tan their hides if they weren’t ready. They had five minutes—ten tops—to beat the weather before they were trapped. And as nice as it’d be to spend a night away from the camp, holing up in a drilling rig with two silver-spoon mama’s boys wasn’t her idea of fun.

She yanked open the door and stomped her feet on the rough, burlap mat as she stepped into the cabin, slamming the door shut behind her. “Why the hell aren’t you boys geared up and ready?” she snapped, leaning the rifle against the wall as she rounded the small corner that led into the main area. “I swear. I’ve already had to extend my duty time—if you guys strand me out here all night, I don’t care who your daddy is, I’ll…”

Her voice faded into a stunned silence as she stopped dead, staring at the dimly lit room. Dozens of candles wavered in the growing darkness, their tiny flames creating pockets of warm light, bathing the room with a cosy glow that made the shadows on the walls flicker and dance. A large blanket had been wrapped around the rig, hiding the dull metal and keeping the draughty air from swirling about the room. A small table and three chairs had been squeezed into one corner, while an oversized bed dominated the other. Pillows spilled across the duvet adding depth to the already thick mattress.

A flash of movement caught her eye and she turned as a shadowy figure stepped out from behind the rig, his brown hair flecked with red from the muted light. The tight feeling in her chest increased, and she blinked, not sure how she stayed on her feet as a wide smile broke across his face.

“Hello, Faith.”

Thanks for dropping by. I plan on making some trailers for a couple of these stories over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

Romancing adventure at a time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo Finish

I'm sooo bad. Photo Finish came out two weeks ago and I haven't even blogged about it. I just have no time these days. Between squeezing out the last of summer with the kids, trying to get ready for school to start, the day job... and yeah, let's not talk about how long it's been since I wrote... well, blogging has gone by the way side. Maybe soon I'll be able to get back into it.

Anyway, I have a brand new book out and it's part of the Handcuffs and Lace collection. Here's the blurb...

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but this time, they all spell betrayal.

Photo Journalist, Paige Sommers, is out to get digital proof to put longtime arms dealer, Jason Tate, away for good. After losing her fiancé, Brogan Johnson, during an undercover operation with the same dealer six months ago, she’s finally ready to rejoin the world, and put an end to Jason’s rule. But when her zoom lens brings a familiar face into view, she’s not sure what to believe.

Special Agent Brogan Johnson is just a night away from bringing down the largest weapon’s dealer on the west coast. Having given up all connections from his previous life to go deep undercover, he’s willing to do anything to see Jason Tate brought to justice.... That’s until his ex-fiancé enters the picture, literally. With photographic evidence of the deal, she’s just placed her name at the top of Jason’s hit list. If Brogan can just get her to trust him one last time, they might have a chance at their elusive happily ever after.

I've also made a book trailer for it. I hope you enjoy the quick visual peek into the story.

Romancing adventure at a time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Worlds Apart is number 1...

Wow... I'm in total squee mode. For the past week, Worlds Apart has been number 1 at fictionwise in the erotica sci-fi category and is an official best seller!!!! I'm totally stoked. It's also number 3 in their overall erotica section... right behind my gal pal Brynn Paulin, and her awesome new book, Kidnap and Kink.

Now I know it won't last, but at this moment, I'm enjoying every second of it... more proof to my kids that see, I wasn't playing games on the computer...the entire time:)

Now if my day job doesn't suck the life out of me, I'll post about my newest release, Photo Finish, tomorrow... yeah, it's been out just over a week and I haven't even mentioned it... lame I know.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Worlds Apart - Number 3 on Fictionwise...

Hey all,

I know, I know. I'm sure everyone thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth... in reality my day job is just sucking my soul. I've often said I need a clone, and well, I think my clone needs a clone. But I'm trying to get through... not sure if I'll sink or swim yet, but hopefully the Gods of fairness will smile at me, though I think I pissed them off when I shouted carefully chosen words at them. But I digress...

The reason for my post. Well, one was to finally post again. I'm going to try and actually do this on a regular basis. I've got some catching up to do. Bronwyn tagged me to put out ten things about myself you don't know, which I will do very soon, and I have kitten pictures to update. My little babies turned one year old and I really want to show you how not-so-little they are. But I need more time for that. I also have a release coming out on Wednesday, which I'll post about, but again, I need more time... So for today, I just want to jump up and down on my computer.

For those of you who don't know... yeah, right, lol... Worlds Apart was released back in May, but for reasons of cosmic proportions, it didn't get put up on fictionwise until this past week. I've been nervously awaiting to see if it'd be well-received and what, if any, kind of ratings it'd get.

I know, I know... yes, I'm the same person who not too long ago went on about how reviews will come in both good and bad, but hey, I'm a gluten for punishment. So, I've been checking the past couple of days to see if anything developed. Well, I'm thrilled to say as of right now, Worlds Apart is number 3 on their erotic sci-fi chart and has received 6 ratings... it looks like 4 or 5 greats and 1 or 2 goods... yeah for Worlds Apart...

This mean a lot to me as it's my first futuristic book and I wasn't sure how readers would take to it. But even if only for today, I'm tickled as they seem to be enjoying it. I absolutely love Griffin and Samantha and hope anyone who reads it loves them too. You can also find Worlds Apart at Resplendence Publishing, All Romance Ebooks and for the Kindle.

Okay, I'm off to post at the Gems' blog. Hope on over and get a sneak peek at my Handcuffs and Lac story coming out on Wednesday called... Photo Finish!

Romancing adventure at a time.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Today is a strange day for me...July 23rd... my mother's birthday. She would have been 75 today and I'm a bit overwhelmed how much it's affected me. I mean, I live everyday knowing she's gone. There are more than a few times something happens and I reach for the phone, only to remember that she's not at the other end anymore. That my questions remain unanswered from the previous 'wise' woman of the family. And if you know anything about me, I'm so not the wise woman of the family now. I'm more like a ram... headstrong and stubborn, using sheer will and determination to make things happen.

She had a plan. She learned from her mistakes and made adjustments. I just keep hoping the rules will change, or that, this time, I'll be able to bend them more.

My mother was a strong woman. She'd suffered for many years with chronic illness but never let it defeat her. Even in the end, she held on longer than I thought possible. I pray I maintain half her strength as I face the world, not alone, but not whole. At least not yet.

Funny, how there are so many firsts in life. First laugh, first smile, first kiss, first love. Yet, in the long line of firsts, there are those that happen we wish we didn't have to experience. First loss, first birthday without a card, first anniversary you don't celebrate...first birthday that's no longer important.

But, on a more pleasant note, I decided that since I couldn't give flowers to my mother, I'd give some to my daughter. Share the happy thoughts instead of the sad. Look to her for glimpses of the part of my mom that still lives in her...and remember...

Happy Birthday Mom.

love your daughter

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five Delightful Divas for Checkmate...

Seems I've been posting about reviews a bit lately, but this time I have a reason to want to shout. Checkmate got five delightful divas from Shelly at Dark Diva reviews.

Now, I realize that moments like these should be treasured because with every great review I'm sure there's a not-so-great one hanging around somewhere, lol. But I'll chose to celebrate the great today.

Shelly said...

If you like romantic suspense, you're going to love this one. Kendall's brother, Trace, is kidnapped and FBI Special Agent, Dawson Cade is called in to protect Kendall and help find her brother.

Kris Norris weaves a very fine tale of mystery and romance with a persistent criminal who stays one step ahead of Dawson Cade. He leads them on a twisting path through the wilderness with an unrealistic time-frame to complete various tasks with a multitude of threats to keep them moving. Through all of this, Dawson comes to care for Kendall and fights his attraction to her, knowing he's there to protect her.

Forced into constant contact, Dawson and Kendall want to seek comfort from each other in a difficult situation, but know they have to keep each other out of harms way. Dawson is torn when he realizes he must use Kendall to lure the criminal out of hiding.

Kris Norris ties everything together in a fast-paced, detailed story that's very easy to get addicted to. Dawson is the perfect hero. In the end, he’s there to save the day and get the girl. The sexual tension between Dawson and Kendall, as well as the mystery of solving the crime kept me on the edge of my seat. Checkmate was a truly enjoyable read and I will definitely seek out more stories from Kris Norris!

You can check out Dark Diva Reviews to read the entire review and look for more if you'd like.

I'm quite thrilled folks are enjoying Checkmate. It's definitely a book that's dear to my heart. I actually took up adventure racing so I could write Kendall as realistic as possible. Plus, I felt I wasn't living on the edge enough...taking up too much space. I'm also thrilled because Checkmate will be available in paperback later this summer, so here's to more reasons to celebrate.

Thanks for tuning in.
Romancing adventure at a time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

LOL!!! I LOVE This Video!!!!

...the author of this blog is not knocking reviews nor reviewers, but is mainly trying to find balance, serenity, and a sense of humour in the outrageous world of I loved versus I hated...


Okay, I know it's been forever since I've posted, but this one post is going to grant me forgiveness and make you pee your pants. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

As writers, we all look at reviews as a love/hate relationship. We love the good ones and hate the bad. But moreover, quite often we don't get more than a one line explanation of why someone didn't like our work, and sometimes not even that. (Don't you just love the poor star rating without a word to go with it...) Even with an explanation, it seems that what one person thinks is brilliant, another thinks is a unbelievable. I also find it funny how a great review lifts us up for a short time, while a meh or bad review can bum us out for days or even weeks.

As I release more books, and have a few more reviews coming in, at least I think they'll be coming in, lol, I'm trying to keep an even keel...I can't please everyone and some folks simply won't like what I've written. It doesn't mean others will feel the same and I have to learn to roll with it... of course I'd much rather do as this next author in the video.

If EVER there was a single creation to sum up the roller coaster ride known as reviews, this is it!!!

See... I told you it was hilarious. I think the woman's expressions are what puts it over the edge for me. Thanks to my great pal Bron for sending me this link and making my day... you rock girl.

Hugs to all and thanks for dropping by.
Kris Norris,
Romancing adventure at a time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Squeee... I'm number 1

Well at least in one category on a couple of sites. I was actually searching the web for more unpleasant reasons, and clicked on a link for Healing Hands...and low and behold, it's ranked number one on the best selling list for Erotic Fantasy at and, both companies of Barnes and Noble!!!!

Needless to say, I'm totally thrilled. I can never find stuff like this, it seems, so to just stumble upon it was kinda cool. Guess this means I should finish writing the second one, lol. Too many series, too little time.

Just had to shout it to the world a bit... cause who knows when you'll get another chance. Go Healing Hands!!!

Romancing adventure at a time.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love Making Trailers and all things Webby...

I love making book trailers and websites. What can I say. I just get all tingly at trying to think of how to represent either a book or a person's, well, writing personality. So far I've made three websites, mine, Bronwyn's, and Mia's. I'm currently making another for the awesomely talented Brynn Paulin and have another writer in the wings. I can't wait for Brynn's web to go live...I really love the design on this one. It's sexy and sophisticated... just like the author. I really hope she ends up loving it as much as I do:)

I also spent some time making a new book trailer for my gal pal, Bronwyn Green. Her book, Immortal Curse, is my favourite book right now. I swear... I take it out... often... and re-read it. Yes, it's that good. So... I just had to make a trailer to show her how fabulous I thought her story was. Here's the end result. I hope you enjoy it.

There you have it. My newest creation. I'll be making another for her story coming out in July... Moonlit Ménage... part of the Summer Solstice collection, and for my ménage, Keeping Faith, part of the Threefold Anthology, coming out in September.

Romancing adventure at a time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Better Late...

Well, it took a while, but I finally have new book trailers for my latest releases. Over on the side you'll fine my new creations for Deadly Obsession and Worlds Apart. I also made a new trailer for my awesome friend, Bronwyn Green and her fabulous new book, Immortal Curse. I love this story and can't tell you how many times I've read it...sigh...

In other news, I have a new review up for Healing Hands. Hannah from Bitten by Books gave it four tombstones and had this to say...

Kris Norris’ “Healing Hands” offers an interesting combination of mystical, royal, and compelling ingredients. Mira and Keegan are an exciting mix of characters. The Rite of Passage proves to offer more to both of them than just an act of sex. The storyline is compelling, attention-grabbing, and interestingly mixes a handful of emotional elements.
If you'd like to read the full review, check out my website for the link.

Okay, off to kid stuff... gotta love the last month of school. I swear I spend more time there than the kids.

Romancing adventure at a time.