Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No thanks… I'd rather play with clowns…

So... once again it's Wednesday. And it's my first post since last Wednesday. Small steps, people. At least I'm making every Wednesday. And believe me...I have a shit ton of stuff to do. So the fact I'm making this weekly blog makes me smile. Nothing like pressure and deadlines :)

Anyway, this week's topic with is... You Couldn't Pay Me To…

First off... where the hell are you gals finding these topics? And can we go back to who I'm crushing on? I know I could come up with more names.

Fine. We'll go with the topic. Things you couldn't pay me to do. But first, here's a couple of pictures of Anson and Keanu...just cause I know you want to see them.

Well. Can I just say…most things, and leave it at that? Okay, I'm not that bad, but I wouldn't change what I do for anything. But I guess that's not quite the same as saying you couldn't pay me to do stuff. Because yeah, if you paid me a million dollars I'd have done an episode of Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs...all those disgusting things...ah shit. Now there's a guy I crush on and didn't put in the list. Let's see a picture of him, too.

Now, let the list begin.

1 - Be a clown... no explanation needed here. Move along people. These are not the droids you're looking for.

2 - Bungie jump... Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a frightful person. Really. I like having to sign a waiver to do something. I rock climb. Mountaineer. I'm not afraid of roller coasters or of flying (obviously, lol) But jumping off a bridge with a rope tied to my body. Seriously people—who thinks this shit up? Did folks just get tired of tempting fate by landing in the water when they jumped? Why not up the anti a bit by going head first and just grazing the surface before getting yanked back by your feet. Yeah, not paying me to do that.

And let's just say, I could put in parachuting here as well, except—while I wouldn't do it for fun. If the plane was on fire, I'd be the first one slapping one on my back. So you could probably pay me a few million dollars to try...

3 - Live in a big city... okay, I know for lots of people, millions really, they thrive on this. Places like New York, LA, Miami, Tokyo... there's a reason folks dream of going there. But not me. I would honestly hate every single second of living in any place like that. I need open spaces. Quiet. I love the fact I can run for miles every day and never see another person. That when I leave my windows open it's the damn birds that drive me crazy. Or the frogs. That there are seas of endless trees as part of my daily drive. So yeah. No amount of money in the world to get me to live somewhere like that. I'm a country girl. Period.

4 - Hunt... Okay. If the apocalypse happens and it's eat a squirrel caught my Daryl and his crossbow, maybe you'll be able to talk me into it. But I mean now. In the non-zombified world we live in. Nope. You couldn't pay me to do it. I'd agonize over it for years. Not saying it's wrong. That people who hunt are evil. Not at all. I'm just saying you couldn't get me to do that.

5 - Do any kind of work/interaction with spiders…again, this needs no elaborating. They are satan's snowflakes. And the only good kind of spider is a dead one. My skin is crawling just thinking about it.

6 - disgusting things like in the fear factor shows. Have me jump from a moving train onto a car while strapped in. Repel from the top of a building (that's not the same as bungie jumping... not at all) but you could not pay me enough to eat the brain of a cow. (hello, that could be how the zombies get made...mutated mad cow. Just saying. We need to prepare people). Or bugs. Just…no. A hundred times no. Keep your millions, I'd rather be poor.

The list could go on. I'm sure I'll see other replies and be like...shit, I wouldn't do that either. But that's all I got for now. Please jump on over to the other lovely girls of Wednesday Randomness and see what money CAN'T buy.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Jenny Trout
Gwendolyn Cease
Kellie St. James

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I've got a book due…again

First off. GWENDOLYN CEASE IS IN THE HOUSE! Okay, not really IN the house but has joined our Wednesday Randomness blog. That makes eight amazing ladies (well, seven and me…I'm not sure they realize I'm still here…shhhh, be very quiet, I'm hunting rabbit.) Anyway, welcome, welcome, 'eh. Oh, and if you ever need a translation from Canadian into American, Gwen is my official translator, 'eh? Honorary hoser...

Sooooooo…how poetically convenient that the ladies just happen to PICK today's post about a work in progress (WIP). It's like they know…know I have a book due and they're mocking me.

I'm close. I'll admit…nearly there. But it's the story of my life. Always pushing that deadline. Though, honestly, without, I'd never finish a book. Seriously. I have my next vampire book—Blood of the Wolf—sitting nicely at 25K or there abouts. But can I finish it? Not yet. Can't seem to make it a priority when there's no looming deadline.

But I digress. It's supposed to be a look inside my WIP, not a bitch about schedules and always pushing that time envelope.

So, my next book release, and almost finished WIP, is a suspense MF book entitled Darkest Night. And thank you Bronwyn for the awesome title. It's actually her doing that this is my current work. I needed something to write—a break from zombies and sci-fi's—and she said I had to write a suspense book because she had the best title. And I have to say, I agree. How does she do it?

Anyway, Darkest Night revolves around the one day a year when those who live at the Arctic Circle experience a single day of solid night. December 21st. It's the start of the Arctic Winter for those north of the circle, but the one true time of twenty-fours hours of darkness for those small gathering of people living on the cusp. So of course, with a title like this, I can't pass up an opportunity to put my characters in the thick of the night. And it gives me a chance to actually place a book in Canada. 'Cause we have enough 'north' to spare.

McKinley Baker (yup, those are the names of two mountain ranges, lol) is a helicopter pilot (gee, not sure where I got her character from…hmmmm) conned into taking a doctor up to a remote arctic research centre when one of the resident guys is diagnosed with an unknown illness. Except, the guy she ends up ferrying isn't some hotshot CDC specialist, but long-time crush and current medic Beckett Foster. Seems the company wants to keep the investigation in-house until they can prove it's worth notifying the CDC over, and risk losing their funding. But wouldn't you know, this simple job is about to get a whole lot tougher.

Now, I could go on, but…damn, I don't want to spoil anything. So, let's just say, this pair gets into a hot situation—did you notice what I did there.…hot. And they're in the arctic in December. Damn, I'm funny—and will have to puzzle out the truth if they want to stay alive. Here's an unedited paragraph from early on…

Beckett let his head fall back against the seat rest. Now wasn’t the time for a full-blown crush. Though he had to admit, her change in status intrigued him. And it didn’t sound as if she’d found someone new. Maybe it was time to man up and actually ask the lady out. Hell, he was the one with the balls—and they weren’t doing him much good just sitting there turning blue. 

It's been a while since I wrote strictly suspense or action adventure. I mean, you could argue that all of the What Remains series and Dark Horizon series (I seem to have a penchant for using the word Dark in titles) have these elements in them…definitely lots of action…but I guess this is slightly different. More along the lines of Checkmate or Hard Target. I just hope folks like it.

And can I say, I've learned a lot about the Arctic! Wow. I've been somewhat north but yeah, it's a whole new breed up there. And I bow to the folks who call it home on a regular basis. It was also fun to dust off the old helicopter knowledge. True, I don't actively fly right now, but it's along the lines of a bicycle. I still remember the feeling, the movements. And most importantly, the terminology. I hate when folks get the names of the controls, wrong, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed the really big chopper scene goes over well.

One last note. The cover! I think it's pretty damn hot…but then I'm biased because I actually MADE IT! For those who don't know, I've been making cover art on the side for a bit now and decided to finally start taking it to a more serious level. And the awesome folks at Resplendence have allowed me to start designing some of their cover art—and DARKEST NIGHT is my first cover with them. I freaking love the northern lights.

So that's it. A new book, a new job…things are looking pretty good. Now hop on over to my gal pals and see what they're up to. Probably stuff far more exciting, those bitches awesome ladies! Just click below.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Jenny Trout
Gwendolyn Cease
Kellie St. James
Leigh Jones
Tess Grant

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kris and Anson sitting in a tree…

So…I'm blogging. That must mean it's Wednesday, 'cause yeah. I haven't gotten too much in other than this. But hey. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Anyway, this week, someone decided having a blog on celebrities we crush on would be a grand idea. Of course, most of these ladies I assume have a partner. Thus, they can be a bit more selective. Me…I'm to the point lots of guys are looking good!

Just kidding. I actually think I probably have odd tastes. I mean, I like the obvious handsome guys, but…I get these silly crushes on characters in shows. But it's the character I'm goo goo over. And it's usually attributed to a specific characteristic. It can be anything—looks, voice, job. Either way, here is a abridged list of my current celebrity crushes. In no particular order. And yes, this is a short version because honestly, we don't have that much time…

Jared Padelicki

So...I'm thinking this one is pretty self-explanatory. And contrary to Bronwyn's twisted mind, Sam Winchester is by far the hotter brother. Sorry, honey, but that wounded soul thing he has going on—damn. And I just have a thing for guys with long hair. Those that wear it well make my insides go all fluttery. And hey, at the end of the day, who wouldn't want a guy who can kill all those things that go bump in the night.

Anson Mount

If I had to pick one…just one crush…Anson would be the guy. But I'm thinking you kind of clued in to that by the title. What can I say…well, this. He's actually my age (be nice) and the guy is hotter than the damn sun. He's not totally ripped like say Chris Helmsworth, but he's strong and lean, with more than enough muscles and is so damn handsome my eyes hurt. The hat, the gun, the long hair. Tied back or loose…sigh. And the guy can ride a damn horse...His character on Hell on Wheels isn't the most upstanding one. But it's the underlying sense of honour. Doing the right thing when the shit hits the fan…it's an honest portrayal. I also love the man's voice. I could listen to him talk all day. Voice is kind of a big thing to me. I do love certain accents and his southern one is oh so sweet. He's also got that wounded soul thing going. The somewhat bad boy in need of saving...I could keep going but…

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy is on somewhat of the same level as Anson. He's just a handsome, sexy guy whose character in Justified seems to walk on that fine line between law and justice. It's a fantastic show...easily addicting. And hey, Raylin Gibbings in a hat...'nough said. Another guy I'd love to have talk to me. Another great southern accent. And just look at those eyes... okay... when did it get so hot in here.

Keanu Reeves

I am Canadian as most of you probably know and no list of celebrity crushes would be complete without Keanu. That voice. Those eyes. That hair. The scruff. Damn. And toss in a wounded soul. What girl wouldn't want to heal that? And he's Canadian, people! Eh! Yeah, he wasn't born here I don't think, but he grew up here. Considers himself a Canuck. The man was a goalie who was picked to go to the NHL farm teams then chose acting. Hockey people. The man actually plays and understands our sport...again. I need say no more.

Matthew Gray Gubler

So the guy started out as a model and yeah, pretty obvious why. With his long hair...okay, wiping the drool off the keyboard now. But honestly, it's his character of Dr. Spencer Reed that really is my crush. You might not know this about me but I find intelligence extremely sexy. And the socially awkward genius on Criminal Minds…he's the poster boy of sexy, smart guys.

Thomas Gibson

Now some of you are starting to understand why I've watched eight seasons of Criminal Minds. The crush-worthy men just keep going. I thought Thomas Gibson was cute when he was on Dharma and Greg. The guy's only gotten better with age. There's just something about that scuff. I wish his character sported it more often. I have a thing for scruff. It's like the long hair thing. Don't ask. Just go with it.

Chad Kroeger

Okay... my girl crush on Chad isn't really a "oh I think he's so handsome" kind of thing. It's the man's voice. I'm a jacked up Nickelback fan. The fact of which I get teased about—endlessly—from my not so Canadian gal pals. But hey, I don't mind. The man just has this deep sexy voice that makes me want to listen to him sing/talk/whatever all the time. So yeah...I'm crushing.

Viggo Mortensen

In a word Aragorn. There. That's all there is to say. The reason I'll watch Lord of the Rings over and over. Him.

Now, I could keep going. There are obviously other famous guys I've fantasized about...but it's funny how they seem to come and go. Some that come to mind... Norman Reddus... If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I definitely want this guy in my group. And it wouldn't take me four seasons to get cozy with the guy. Tom Hiddleson. But I really just like the Loki thing he's got going. the bad brother... hell yeah. And his voice. Yeah, he can talk to me any time. Robert Downey Junior. I think the name Tony Stark says it all. And Sherlock Holmes. Seriously. Nothing more to see here people. Move along. 

Okay, I'm going to stop before I have to keep counting up all the men that make my knees just a bit weak. Or a lot weak. I think I see a pattern above…

Please go and visit the lovely ladies of Wednesday's blog and see who their crushes are. Other than Sam Winchester, I think I'll be all by myself here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Authors After Dark—North Carolina 2014

Authors After Dark is coming QUICKLY and OMG this year is going to be INSANE!

As always AAD is about the readers, and the amount of awesome we have put together for you this year, you would be INSANE not to attend….

First, our amazing Master of Ceremonies is none other than Alexandra Ivy! She will be doing a cool little event to celebrate your favorite gargoyle, Levet on Friday! Wanna know more? Check out the FB group where Alex will be talking about the awesome that she has going on!

Torquere and authors BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot will be Sponsoring our Welcome event, the Midnight Rodeo… And it looks like We will have some VERY COOL goodies and… Riding… happening… *SNICKER*

How about Parties? This year we have a special event called the Leather and Lace Ball! Curious? We thought so! Take a ride on the wild side and let your inhibitions fly with five New York Times Bestselling Authors of erotic romance. Cuffs and corsets encouraged.

J. Kenner, Liliana Hart, Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison, Jasinda Wilder and Lorelei James

The ladies will be talking more about this on the FB group starting soon!

New for 2014 is the Paranormal Party! Join over 20 Paranormal authors who will be giving away goodies, some books and hanging out with you to snack and chat! Wanna know what authors are involved? You will have to join the FB group to see!

And of course, we have the amazing Masquerade Ball! This year it’s the SINS AND VIRTUES BALL! Are you a sin or a virtue? Join us for a wild costumed event! Prizes for the best costumes, including a 200$ gift certificate to Lori Ann Costumes!

Your Sins and Virtues Sponsors:
Sin Lust
Boone Brux
Opal Carew

Sin Pride
BA Tortuga
Andrew Grey

Sin Envy
Stella Price
TJ Michaels

Sin Gluttony
Desiree Holt
Saranna DeWylde

Sin Greed
Ann Mayburn
Heather Long

Sin Sloth
Lizzie T. Leaf
Julie Morgan

Sin Wrath
Stacey Kennedy
Marianne Morea

Virtue Charity
Kerry Adrienne
Trista Ann

Virtue Chastity
Jenn LeBlanc
Annabel Jospeh

Virtue Humility
Milly Taiden
Donna McDonald

Virtue Kindness
CJ Ellisson
Alexandra Ivy

Virtue Temprance
J. Kenner
Sidney Bristol

Virtue Diligence
Denise Grover Swank
Jenna McCormick

Virtue Patience
Lousia Bacio
Kallypso masters

And if THAT isn’t enough awesome that will be going on… This year we have an amazing off site costumed event… the Ladies on the Green event sponsored by the AAD Anachronistic Society! This will be an hour and a Half on the famous GREEN in Charlotte (a half block from the hotel). It will be a Costumed event (though Costumes are not required they are encouraged!) to celebrate Gothic, Victorian, steampunk dark historical literature! Your hosts will be: Sahara Kelly, Amanda McIntyre, Leanna Renee Hieber, A.L. Davroe and S.A. Price. Prizes and readings will happen, as well as photo ops!

And NEVER forget the Amazing Open bar with Mel Schroeder and friends! They have SO MUCH awesome set up for you just before the Bookies… you do NOT wanna miss that!

Getting excited yet? How about some info on the AWESOME mini events we have going on? Ready?

On Wed. Night,  Join Sasha White and Joey W. Hill for a wild party and Q&A, Also, the Blind Date Book Party will be open to start your con right! (If you have never done a BDBP, you are MISSING out! You need to attend, Get your blind date book, find the author that wrote it, and hang out with them!)

Thursday?  Panels up the wazoo, and the Bookie Awards----- goodies and books to be given out! The hangout with The GNO girls lead by CJ Ellisson and Boone Brux for some crazy fun! And if that wasn’t enough?  Readings and a Blogger Sleepover party as well!

Friday? More panels, a games carnival with Nina Gooden and Pals, Name that Author with Cat Johnson, and some other fun surprises!

Saturday? A few panels, the Big ass booksigning with 100 authors,  the Cowboy Stampede party, the Readers Mad Tea Party with Hildie McQueen, An after the bookies event with a special publisher sponsor, And Jess Michaels’ Birthday extravaganza!

SEE? SO MUCH AWESOME! All the authors that are involved with parties will be talking about their involvement on the FB group, so join up and get ready to rock.

Oh? You say you’re not registered for AAD yet? You need to be! All registrants get put in the hat for the welcome party prizes, and these prizes are AMAZING! Breakfast with authors, Booze and Books, side trips to Carrowwinds…. We have a minimum of 90 special prizes…. So…

You need to rock this con! And as if this wasn’t enough…. AAD will be giving away something really awesome to registrants…. Wanna know what?

How about 5 VIP registrations for THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE 2015 in LAS VEGAS? YES… 5!


How about this… If we hit 100 more registrations from TODAY April 10th to June 10th, we will give away 2 AAD registrations for 2015…  2!!!!! So get registered, get your room and get ready for one HELL of an amazing year with us!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

That's So Random…

Ok, so I did a spin off of that kid's show. One my kids never really watched and I don't think it's on any more, but…

I'm easily distracted. Well, it's Wednesday, so it's time for blogging with my gal pals. This week, they picked the topic of 10 Random Things About Myself… and I thought, seriously? I'm boring. I can't possibly find 10 things that would make me sound at all interesting. But, alas, here I am, trying to dig through my life to see if there's anything worth noting—things folks don't already know from previous posts, such as my extreme hatred of spiders or my love of diet coke. And the following list is all I got, people…

1—I'm a procrastinator. I know this may come as a shock (ok, not at all, but I can dream) but I rarely do today what I can put off until tomorrow. Especially if it involves anything to do with chores. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. Yes, I've told more than one child to simply flip those undies inside out and that we can last a week on popcorn and soup. What? You know you all do it, too. I'm just putting it out there. And it's not that I'm lazy, per se…more along the lines of trying to do too much. I always have one more thing that needs to get finished before… Insert anything here, really. It's also the reason why I'm generally late.

2—I used to fly helicopters for a living. Now some of you know that already, but, hey, if you didn't, I thought I'd throw that out. Now I don't anymore—not since having kids—but I have no fear that should it be necessary, I could do it again in a heartbeat. So yes, zombie apocalypse I'll be good to go.

3—I secretly love country music. Okay, now it's not so secret but… Yeah, I set my XM radio to THE HIGHWAY when the kids aren't in the car. I love twang. I know… believe me, I know.

4—I'm a bit…how do I say this…obsessive? That's putting it mildly, I suppose. But only about some things. Like exercising. And if you read the previous Wednesday post you'd have guessed that. As I said in that post, I have issues, people. Issues. But that aside, running is probably one of the best parts of my day. Just me and dog out in the woods. Heck, that calls for a photo.

5—I have a hard time saying no. Which, of course, leads to fact number one. It's one of the reasons I tend to be late. Okay, who am I kidding. I'm time challenged. I'm always late. In fact, my friends call it 'Norris Time'.

6—I have a hard time asking for help. Not sure why this is. Call me stubborn, call me independent, but either way, I tend to exhaust every avenue on my own before I call in the Calvary. Though I suppose it's made me stronger…or maybe just more tired.

Am I done, yet? Seriously…more?

7—Ok, how about I steal a line from the Bare Naked Ladies…I'm the kind of gal that laughs at a funeral. Well, maybe not out loud. Then again, yeah, I might. Here's the thing. Humour is my coping mechanism, so quite often I turn to it when I feel nervous or awkward. And I'm sarcastic. A lot.

8—I memorize lines from TV shows and movies and then test my kids on it. This goes for actors/actresses as well. It's huge in my house. When a situation arises, we'll blurt out a line from a movie, then see if anyone knows. There are, of course, some classic standbys— "these are not the droids you're looking for", or "we're fine, here, every things' fine. We had a small reactor leak, but we're fine." And some less known ones... "who knew that trap door would lead me out here", or "apparently eldorado is native for GREAT BIG ROCK." And we can't forget... "the next time someone asks if you're a god, you say yes." And if you don't know where any of those are from, well, you're simply not watching enough. We also are always saying... hey, where's that guy/girl from. Then we have to name at least one other movie the person stared in. Usually more than one. And if we can't figure it out, we'll look the damn thing up…or use a lifeline, like call a friend:)

Shit, still two more... sheesh. 

9—Okay, I love rock climbing and mountaineering and once climbed Mount Rainer with my brother. Let's just say, watching the sun rise at twelve thousand feet is pretty awesome.

10—I'm about as typically Canadian as it gets. I say 'eh'. I'm generally polite, maybe overly at times...but I'm still launching an invasion against my friends to the south. So continue to be afraid.

Whew. That's ten. And that's all for me. Please visit the lovely ladies who are sharing this topic. And I'm certain they'll have much more interesting tidbits to tell you than I…

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Jenny Trout
Kellie St. James
Leigh Jones

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Groundhog Day...or what others are calling a day in the life...

Okay, so maybe my life isn't exactly Groundhog Day. I mean, I guess it varies a bit. But then, didn't Bill Murray vary his? And that episode of Supernatural—the one where Dean dies over and over. I think it was called the Mystery Box or something—fuck, I love that episode. And I swear, quite often I feel as if I'm caught in some kind of never-ending loop.

But I'm not complaining. Honestly, I'm blessed. But yeah, with kids, it seems to be a basic repeat every day. Especially in the winter. From September to the end of March...yeah, insert the word HOCKEY or REFFING and you have a typical day. Lots of both. I basically live at the rink.

But the season is damn near done, so... here's a look at the oh-so-exciting life of me!

First off, I hate mornings. If I could stay up until two or three every night and sleep until nine or ten, I would. It's an easy feat to fall into during breaks in school, mostly because I tend to stay up late either way, and not setting an alarm. Yeah, that gets me in trouble.

So, morning. I set the alarm or 7:30. This allows me to hit snooze at least once before dragging my butt from the bed. Time to get kids up and off to school. I'd love to say my kids all make the bus, but I generally have to drive the boys in. Partly because when they have hockey academy, they can't use the bus—apparently the stick is considered a weapon. I know. But that's how it is. And secondly, because my sixteen year old needs a nuclear explosion to get his ass up. Multiple wake up calls with me threatening to toss a cat on him is generally needed.

Anyway, driving them in, with the obligatory trip to Tim Horton's for tea, means I get home around 9:30 give or take. I generally try to take the dog running as soon as possible, though I sometimes get sidelined a bit. Either way, by the time I run, shower and eat, well it's damn well noon. Yes, I procrastinate lots. Though I do sometimes get some work done before running. It's really a crap shoot.

Then it's time for four or five hours of work. Writing, editing or doing graphic work (I've started making book covers which is totally exciting) I try to put in a few hours before the kids get home. Then it's time for Shaun T's T25 Focus, because I'm trying to improve my fitness and running isn't quite enough. That's my excuse anyway. I have issues, folks. Issues. But that's for another day.

Now, I used to get up early to do this kind of thing. Shaun T or Tony Horton stuff. But I've discovered I just can't do it anymore. I don't sleep well. Wake multiple times, toss and turn. So even that extra hour in the morning is a godsend. I've also discovered I have more energy and get a better workout later in the day. Hell, it all sounds good, so…I'll take it. And I don't need that many excuses or reasons to keep sleeping.

At some point dinner might be made. Or it could be fix it yourself night. Then it's generally more work, an activity with the kids and some time-wasting TV before bed. Which is usually midnight, though I say I'll go earlier. But then I'm a night owl, so…

I try to get in at least a full day's worth of work, spread out over the day. Add in kid stuff and other endeavours…let's just say I never seem to have enough time. I need thirty hours and eight days a week to get my stuff done.

Now, I also recognize I'm a time waster. Not in the sense where I sit in a chair and stare out the window, or watch soap operas all day then wonder why I don't get shit done. I just find lots of ways to spend the time. The computer is a huge time sucker. I can spend hours playing around with graphics or toying with a website. I guess it's not really wasted time but…I lost hours people. Hours. And then there's trying to keep up with the social media. There's a reason I'm not the most active Twitter or FaceBook person. I just don't seem to have the time. Even blogging…if it weren't for the lovely ladies who were blindsided into letting me join this weekly blog, I'd probably never blog. Not because I don't want to, but I just get busy.

Okay, that's my life. Boring. Predictable. If I had a stalker, I assure you they'd have no issues planning out my routine. I run/workout, work and deal with kids. Period. Maybe one day I'll have a life. Have a person to share it with (and yeah, that's a whole other post as well. Again, issues, people) and be able to say I do something far more exciting, but for now…survival. And laughter. I laugh a lot, so it can't be all bad.

Once again, thanks to the awesome partners in crime. Please check out their blogs with the links below. See you next week.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Leigh Jones
Kellie St. James
Jenny Trout