Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who ya gonna call…


A classic movie and the backdrop for this week's Wednesday Random Post. The ladies have chosen— Do you believe in ghosts? Um, hello... I got the Travel and Escape channel just so I could watch Ghost Adventures! I love that show. The concept and the guys are pretty fun to watch. I also like how there is science involved. Of course, at the end of the day, believing in ghosts is something you either choose to do or don't. But I still love the show.

So...have I ever had any had any ghostly encounters?

Okay... so before I moved out west from Toronto, I lived in this old house just north of the city. And I swear to you, that place was freaking haunted. Yes, I know. I can't say that I really believed in them that strongly before, but damn, after a year in that place, I changed my mind.

Now there were a number of incidents—besides the fact that my dog absolutely hated being there alone. And no, the dog didn't freak out other places alone, just this house. I'm talking other, more concrete occurrences. Things would end up in different places. Pictures would be flipped on the wall. Creepy things like that. And I suppose you could say...well, it's just someone playing a prank. Because I did live with two roommates. So yes, I didn't take it all to heart, until one day.

Set the scene.

At this point, I was living with just one other friend. A great guy named Billy. We were both helicopter pilots. I was working for Air Ambulance and he was working for another company out of a nearby airport. So I worked shift work. I'd maybe see Billy a few hours in passing, but that was it.

One day, I was home after working the night shift. As you can imagine, it was a bit hard to unwind after a shift, and it must have been around ten AM. I'd just gone upstairs to bed. Dog was with me. She starts huffing, and I hear the back screen door open and slam shut. This is followed by voices. Loud enough I can hear them—there was definitely a male talking—but I can't make out all the words.

This continues to the point I wonder if Billy knows I'm home. I didn't care about the noise, just really wanted him to know I was there so I didn't surprise him. So...I get up and go to the top of the stairs (this is a small house, people) and I yell down... "Hey, Billy. Just letting you know I'm upstairs."

I wait, expecting him to yell up, but nothing. After a minute I go downstairs and there's no one there. Not a freaking soul. And... the back screen door is locked by one of those stupid hook locks. Mostly because it would sometimes bang during a strong wind.

And I know...maybe he just left. Oh nah nah, people. He was gone all that day on a flight up north. So he couldn't have come home.

After that...yeah, I've looked at things slightly different. I've had other, more removed encounters but that...that was something else. Obviously something I'll never forget.

So yes, I do believe in ghosts. And this is exactly why I wrote the series BETWEEN THE VIELS. Four stories about different ghostly encounters, and I have to say... I loved writing them. Of course, I didn't have a handsome sexy guy like one of the Smith boys ride to the rescue, lol...

After all, science says energy can't be created nor destroyed, merely changed. And I honestly believe that when we die, it's a change in energy. At least, that's what I'm hoping ;)

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  1. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. But pretty cool. Here's the real question. Were you able to sleep after that?

  2. And how soon after this did you move?? I'd have been packing and waving goodbye as Billy got home from work. "Good luck, pal."