Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He loves me…he loves me not…

Okay, you all know what day it is. Why do I always write that it's Wednesday? Pretty sure you're all savvy enough to know that without me announcing it. But…I'm a giver.

So, this week's random post is... drum roll please... Fictional Characters I Crush on. the ladies who choose these topics know my time is limited and if I post all the pictures of Keanu or Matthew that I might just get arrested? Seriously, it could definitely be a form of virtual stalking...

So, for the sake of not having my ass tossed in jail, I'll keep this to the top few male characters that I wished would swoop down and carry me off to the sunset, just like those old westerns. And in no particular order...

Dr. Spencer Reid.

Please, this is no surprise. He was on my crush list and well, damn, there isn't any part of that character that doesn't send my heart a fluttering. I think it's his intelligence and the naiveté that touches my heart, He's so damn smart but so socially awkward. Let me tell you, I've written a bunch of fan fic with him as the hero in my head. Hard not too, those eyes, that hair. I love his long hair. And he's a federal agent to boot. Damn... just damn.


You knew Keanu was popping up somewhere. Face it. And while yeah, Neo is amazing, and there are endless characters I could chose from, Constantine is my favourite. He's tormented. Not quite good but not evil. He's stuck between the two, trying to save his own ass, but with enough moral high ground to also do the right thing when called upon. And watching him fight demons…yeah. How is that not something a girl takes to heart.

And I realize there's a new TV series starting up...but it's just not the same.

Sam Winchester

Unlike most of my friends, who are misguided souls and seem to have this odd attraction for Dean, Sam Winchester is by far, my brother of choice. Damn, those eyes, and again, that hair. The wounded soul, the reluctant hero. Sure, he's not the bad boy Dean is...not iconic that way, but there's just something about his character. His sense of humour, skill at killing all things paranormal. Yup, he's definitely a fictional crush.

I wonder how celebrities feel about knowing folks crush on their characters? Is it flattering, creepy or do they think.. hey, what about the real me?

So there are a few others I could list. But I'll narrow it down to two final characters...keep this like a top five...Cullen Buchanan

Hell on Wheels. Another wounded soul. Another man who does the right thing but damn, get in his way and he's just as likely to kill you as offer you a hand. He's tough and you can't help but want to soothe the burden. Another fan fic book in my head. And I even have songs to go with it.
Finally, Jason Bourne. 
Need I say anything about him. No, I don't think explanation is required. Just a few pictures...

So that's it for me. My top five crushes. Sure, I've crushed on others....Luke Duke, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr version), Daniel from Stargate, McGyver (hell yes) and Ichabod Crane... my god that man is easy on the eyes... 

but this post can't go on forever, people. So go check out the other ladies and see if any match... I'm thinking not so much. I seem to have very different tastes...


  1. Nice list!! And, you're right, we never ever would have guessed Spencer Reid. ;-) When I watch the show he's my fav too.

  2. I, for one, am stunned by the inclusion of Spencer Reid and any character that Keanu Reeves plays. Stunned, I tell you!

    However, I do love me some Spencer Reid. And I like Sam, but Dean is where it's at. One of these days, I'm gonna have to check out Hell on Wheels...

  3. Dr. Spencer Reid and Daniel from Stargate... I sense a theme here. One I wholeheartedly approve of! :)

  4. CONSTANTINE!!!!!!

    *ahem* Good, list, Norris, good list.

    You go right ahead and crush on Sammy all you want. It's is YOUR crush, so you can just go on and do what you will. Poor misguided soul.

  5. I feel like I've read this list before. :) And yeah, I totally thought we were doing book characters, it would've been so much easier if I'd done TV and movie crushes! Geesh.