Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My precious…

I'm not sure why I always seem so surprised when Wednesday seems to pop around again. It's not like it changes from week to week. Yet, I'm still in shock when I realize it's Tuesday and time to write another Wednesday random blog.

So this week, the lovely ladies have chosen—Collections.

Originally, I was thinking…okay. Easy post. I don't collect things, so post over! But I guess I have some stuff that sort of counts as collections. But nothing like I know some of the other ladies do.

Anyway, collections. I guess it's in human nature to collect crap. I have started a few collections, but alas, haven't really followed through. I began collecting cute cookie jars. I have a couple of Christmas ones, one that looks like a bird house, and two that just have cookie inscribed on the side. But my favourite one—that I don't use because it's small—is a blue car. It looks just like a VW bug, lol. But then I decided I didn't really have room to collect these, so I stopped. Now, I have them on a shelving unit as pretty decorations.

I had started collecting some rocks, but then I moved—as in two weeks ago moved. And those rocks...yeah, they weren't getting carted around. In case you hadn't realized it, rocks are heavy. And the last thing you want to move are a bunch of rocks you could have gotten out of your backyard. So that collection is still in the yard at the old house;)

The only real collection I have I inherited. My mother used to collect elephants. And I mean the woman collected them. My daughter, Syd, now has the collection in her room in a curio cabinet that came with the elephants after my mother died. And wow, there must be over a hundred different creatures inside. Some are porcelain, some made out of shells. She even has some made from bone. I think she has one of the smallest, hand-carved elephants ever made. It was her passion.

I have yet to really get that passion over anything. I mean, I collect my books, lol. And I'll admit…I didn't give up my Stephen King books when I moved, but to me, a collection is something you have to add to. That fills some hidden space inside. I just don't have that, yet.

Hmmm, maybe I can collect cute men? I'd be into that. Hell, yeah. So if any of you have one to spare...

Okay, a lame post but there you have it. Please go check out the other gals and see what kinds of collections they have. They probably have real ones.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease


  1. You could collect pics of cute men. That would be easy and it wouldn't take up any real space. Now if you started collecting real cute men off the street that would be bad. The Canadian police, for all their laid back politeness, would probably get a bit miffed and come after you. Just sayin

  2. I think you should just collect actual men - one for cooking, one for cleaning, one for a running partner, all for sexy times...