Friday, July 19, 2013

And the guilt sets in…

So I did something today I don't do a lot of—I bought myself some new workout clothes. I know, how very dare I spend money on myself when both boys will be starting hockey again in a couple of months and Syd will be in need of something. But regardless, I did it. Yes, I feel guilty, which I usually do whenever I spend money on myself, but I'm going to hold my head high. And I didn't get just any workout clothes, I invested in the new Zaggora sports line.

Now if you haven't heard of Zaggora (and for some reason the right side of your FaceBook page isn't plastered with their ads, they are a line of 'weight reducing' products. Now, I know what you're thinking...nothing but hard work and a clean diet will result in weight loss or toning or whatever else you're looking for. I know that. In fact, I workout regularly, as my friends can attest to. Some might even say I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to running and working out. But hell, if you're going to have a vice, it might as well be a good one (and no, we're not counting my Diet Coke addiction. I can only cure one problem at a time and right now I'm working on not eating chocolate.)

So, why invest in them. Well, a few reasons. First, quite honestly, with the discount I got, they weren't really more expensive than the products I'd buy at MEC. Second, I figure if they are half as good as all the claims, I'll enjoy them. And even if they don't aid just a bit in burning more calories, then they will at least keep me warm. Living on the west coast of Canada, while we don't get freezing cold, it rains a lot and is quite damp. I figure these will be great pieces for my not so great weather running and riding. And lastly, I'm not looking for a miracle, or a quick fix. But if I'm going to be eating clean and working out, then what the hell, might as well try something new. It's not like pills or something the I won't be able to use. I'll have running shorts and a shirt regardless.

Now, I will admit, I'm skeptical. So I'll be letting you all know how it goes... but it won't be for some time. I don't expect to receive these for a month or so (they are coming from the UK) but that's fine. It'll give me time to get into the clean eating, so when I finally put them to the test, it won't be that I'm changing three different things at once or anything. I plan on eating the same (yes, that means no chocolate or cake or anything else that I might as well rub on my ass because that's where it goes) and I won't be doing excessively more working out. I already run or ride daily (about 7 miles) and do TRX four times a week. I plan on keeping this up and seeing if the, shall we call them bumps, on the back of my thighs get any better.

I did do something unusual for me, though. I didn't go with the hard and fast black bottoms. I was a moment of weakness I assure you. But instead, I went for the yellow Viva Hot Pants...yes YELLOW! Rest assured, I'm just as afraid as you are in thinking about me wearing them, but...I'm so tired of always playing it safe. Of worrying if anyone is going to think my butt looks big, lol. Or if my unflattering bits look, well, unflattering. I know we're all our hardest critiques and I really just wanted to go for something different. Plus, I got the hoodie as well—I figure with the weather here, I can stay in the capris longer if I have a warm jacket and their hoodie looks like just the thing to get me through the fall and winter. And if I love the stuff, I can get the longer pants later.

I also figured...hell, I rarely see people, as in once in a blue moon. I run in the woods so if the bears and cougars don't like my yellow Viva Hot Pants, then great. They won't want to eat me...and my dog Bandit is pretty ambivalent on the subject of what I wear. I also's time to be bold and strong. The first step in any program is positive thinking and if the yellow colour makes me feel happy, then fuck it. I'm wearing them. My daughter Syd gave them a big thumbs up... she actually told me I was forbidden from getting black because that's boring. So we'll see.

Okay, that's it. I'll post back when they come and let's see how it all goes. So for the next month...I'll be working out and eating clean. Yup, clean. Yes, I'm repeating myself on purpose. I'm hoping that if I say it enough times I'll remember and honour it. Though that's the magic question...I can workout for hours, force myself to run in the rain and the sleet and the snow. Push out another rep of pushups and pullups, but eat clean—that's like climbing Mount Everest. But it all starts somewhere.

And hey, in other news, I have more books my new ghost book, Dusk 'Til Dawn...I'll try and remember to post a blog about it tomorrow... hey look at this. Two blogs in the same week...maybe it really is the breaking of a seal...

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