Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We go together like wham a lam a lam a…

It's it's randomness time, lol. There's just one problem—the topic this week. It's Favourite School Memories. And honestly, I sit here and I'm thinking…do I have any? LOL. No, it's not as if I can't remember any…I'm getting there, but not quite, thanks. But it's mostly just a blur. Classes, the cool kids (no I wasn't really part of them). I was one of the smart kids. So, the cool kids accepted me because hey, they needed help with Algebra :)

Before we get to that... how about a blast back to my school years... I remember having crazy crushes on Tom Wopat (Luke Duke all the way, baby). And wanting to roller-skate like in Xanadu, lol. And let's not forget Grease. I must have seen that movie in the theatres over a dozen times...back when you could get in without having to mortgage a house.

But things I do remember…Getting to colour in class! Hey, it was the best thing. I remember staying late just to keep colouring. Back when I lived within walking distance and kids walked to school without worrying about that kind of thing.

Phys-ed…again, I GOT to play sports. Run, hell I didn't even mind the square dancing and polka routines we had to do. Though, as I was also the lead, it's hard to switch back now…:)

I remember that in grade school, when you got to grade 6 you got to go to the 'big kids' wing. We had this awesome section of the school at the far end on the upper floor that was just for the grade 6's. It had double doors and was so super cool. It was as if you'd arrived somewhere special. The first real passage of rights.

I remember having this third grade play we had to put on. Our teacher was lu lu. Seriously. And she had us tossing these balls up in the air, which was fine for the coordinated kids. But for those who weren't—yeah, the fact the band was playing directly at below the raised stage didn't end so well for them. I'm pretty sure you can imagine what happened. But I honestly still laugh about that now.

We won't talk about middle school. We just won't. And things will be fine.

Then high school. I remember first crushes...kind of finding out who you were and which friends were friends worth having. I remember dances and playing cards in the cafeteria. That was huge. That we had a cafeteria, lol. And yeah, played there a lot.

I also remember grade 12 English. Mostly because that's where my love of story-telling began. I mean, really began. Where a teacher actually told me to consider writing stories. So yeah, that's a good one.

And honestly, not much else. School is more of an overall, I did fine. I got good grades, and wasn't terribly tormented. Have good memories, and some I'd rather forget. But I survived and won't rock in a corner later mumbling about it. No, I have lots of other memories for that :)

But go check out the gal pals. See how coloured their memories are...and we'll see you back here next week.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease


  1. I love how middle school is barely acknowledged. I completely understand that. LOL When people talk about wishing to go back to their "school days" I say no way. Not that mine were terribly horrific or anything - any angst and turmoil was pretty well self-inflicted, so yeah going back to the me of that age, nope. I'm just happy I made it out the other end, fairly unscathed. LOL

  2. Yeah I wouldn't go back either, not for a bucket of money. I love how you had to toss balls in the air for a play. How hilarious? Was that a Canadian thing?? In the grade school I went to we had to do a Christmas play every year. Talk about tragic! I think when I was in . . . 7th grade something they switched it to a Christmas choir performance. So much easier, except I had to learn all the songs in Latin. Yeah, it was a catholic school

  3. I would have *loved* to see that play. :D couldn't pay me to go back to school. Well...maybe college. Maybe.

  4. Sadly, the day after the play, the teacher went completely off the deep end and they actually had to remove her from class. She never did come back. And she had a thing for Pepsi. I remember her drinking endless Pepsi in class... until she was probably committed. So great memories, eh?

    And the play was masterful... all those balls rolling across the stage, knocking out the band...thinking that one wasn't thought all the way through.