Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm so happy…

So, after taking a week off—okay, I wasn't really slacking. I moved this weekend, and let me tell you, I'd much rather have been blogging last Wednesday than packing—and it's not much better this week.  But I found the laptop so…

This week on Random Wednesday, it's "What Makes Me Happy."

Well, I can tell you my number one right this moment—NOT MOVING! Not moving makes me very happy. Moving, however, not so much. The next one best be to the forever home, lol. 

Anyway, things that make me happy in no particular order…

Running on the trails. Nothing rejuvenates me more than trail running. The trees, the dirt, the sounds of nature. I honestly don't know how folks run in the city. But then I'm a city girl.

Anything else to do in nature, lol. Hiking, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, star gazing... you name it, it makes me feel great joy...

Writing. When it's going well. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but most of the time, I love writing. Having a story that's playing in your head materialize on 'paper' is beyond satisfying. 

Reading. I love being transported somewhere else with characters that make me feel like family. A well-written book is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Hanging with friends and family. I love my kids, love being with them. They are hilarious and such characters—they make simple chores like shopping an adventure. And the ladies of this blog—OMG...our time at the cabin doesn't compare. I never laugh so much as during that week.

I'd love to saying being with that special someone, but…hey, one day! And with that will go all the 'happy' activities, snicker. Because that makes me very happy...

Watching a good movie or TV series. Except for when they do stupid things... hello. Walking Dead. No more dumb moves, okay? And no killing off major characters, sigh. 

Finally, being on or near the water. Maybe it's the whole evolution thing—the whole starting out in water—but I love the sounds of waves lapping on the beach, of birds calling—most things involving the water. Boating, swimming...I just love the water. 

That's all for me. I know, a bit whimsy on the post, but hey, I'm still surrounded by boxes. Please check out the other ladies. I'm sure their lists will be all shiny and full of pictures...


  1. God...moving. UGH. I'm happy you're done with that.

  2. :( Hate moving. But just think, soon, all will be unpacked and put away, and you can enjoy your new digs. HUGS

  3. And I will third the whole hatred of moving!!! Yuck! I tell my sister that if somehow we win a blue million dollars we're still not moving. And of course you love running in nature. Anyone that could take on a bear and win . . . you got that shit covered, eh

  4. Yay for being moved! :)