Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Zero to Four

Hey all... for those of you who've been tuning in, you'll know I've been fostering a beautiful maine coon mix, Pepper, and her five kittens. Well, the first babies have left the nest. My awesome friend, Shelley, took two brothers home on Friday... yes it was a tad sad but they've gone to an amazing home, so I'm okay with it. So that leaves three more kittens and the mom.

Well, as the other two were getting ready for their trip home, my three younglings informed me that they'd "worked it all out". Yup, they'd solved the kitten issue... each of my kids has claimed a cat and we're keeping them all!

As you can imagine, I stared at them in awe, wondering how I've gone to telling them, yes, we can get a cat to okay, let's have four! But to see their little faces (and my kids too, lol) you'd have a hard time saying no. Sooooo.......

I guess I'm now the proud owner of four little balls of fur... yes, the kids say they will look after them, but who are we kidding... I'll be the one doing the work. But somehow that's ok.

So let me introduce you... formally... to our new additions....

This is Pepper... the mom and protector... poor Bandit has had a few smack downs learning to live with cats.

This is Popcorn... Kyle's kitten, though this is Jared holding him... He has lovely dark markings around his eyes and loves to play.

This is Halo... we changed the name to reflect Jared's love of xbox... He's absolutely a doll but is more of an action kitty than a cuddler.... though we're working on it.

And finally, here's Hunter... the most lovable of the bunch, cause he'll cuddle for hours... so of course, Syd claimed him, cause every girl needs a kitten to sleep on her lap :D

So, it looks like I'm taking the first steps down the road of crazy cat lady... starting off small but my friends are convinced I'll have 50 of them before long, lol. I thought I'd throw in a quick pic of me and Syd with Hunter... yes this is how most of my "writing" time has been spent lately... with kittens on the laptop.

So when you wonder why my stories have paw prints on them, you'll know.

Romancing life... one adventure at a time.


  1. So cool! We did the same thing, found a pregnant mama cat, she had babies in my daughter's closet and each kid kept one of the kittens - Norman, Nolan and Mittens. Plus we kept mama, who was forever known as Kitty. They were all great cats! Still have one of that generation left. Cute pics!

  2. Cute Tickies!*

    *Tickie: What my Friend Laura's eldest daughter called "Kitties" when she was a baby. We still use the word these many years later.