Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If I only had a clone…

Hello folks. Time for Wednesday randomness again. I haven't been getting many (okay, maybe one or two. But that's something people! Work with me here.) other posts, but I'm managing the weekly one. Baby steps.

Anyway, this week's topic is "what I need to be able to write".

Well, of course we'll discuss the obvious, but damn, what I need more than anything is more TIME! That lovely thing that just keeps ticking away, mocking our ability to get done what needs to get done. I need thirty hours in a day and eight days a week to accomplish my goals and do silly things like sleep. Hence my title. I need a clone, people. Two if I can swing it. Maybe then I wouldn't always be pushing that time envelop.

But now on to things I might actually be able to control.

Writing, if you haven't figured it out already, is a fickle bitch. She's moody and cruel, popping ideas into your brain the second your head hits the pillow but making them vanish when you desperately sit up and turn on the light. She doesn't play nicely with others and has as flare for being over dramatic. In essence, she's a two-year old on crack. Creative as hell, but not something you want to unleash unguarded on the world.

So in order to tame this badass down, most of us need certain amenities. Here is a list of things I'd need and well, some I just like.

1. Laptop or iPad. Yes, I'm new school. While I've tried writing things out the old way... paper and pen, God, who ever actually did that?... I really need a keyboard if I'm going to write. Something that can move almost as fast as my thoughts. Well, who am I kidding. Generally my thoughts ain't moving that fast, so... but a laptop or iPad is critical. Otherwise I'd just lose interest and pack it in.

2. A good writing medium. For me, I only ever write in Pages. I used to use Word, but I soon discovered the microsoft HATES macs and that the program has a secret objective to screw all mac users when they can least handle it. In other word, MSWord likes to crash. It like to pretend it's actually saving your document only to say... nah nah... I have been leading you on. I stopped saving ten pages ago. Deal, bitch.

So I have long since moved to Pages. The ability to continuously sync documents with my iPad just rocks my world. I never had to worry if I have the most up-to-date edition. It's just there. Waiting for me. And it keeps a hard copy on my laptop as well... just in case. A writing program with a backup plan. My kind of program.

3. A comfortable place to rest my ass. Hey, don't joke. If you aren't comfortable, you'll never put a word down because you'll be constantly shifter around, trying to get comfortable. And this means the keyboard has to be at the proper height too. If it's on my lap, I either use my special lap desk or a pillow.

4. I prefer silence. If I can have it, I love it. But, as a single mom with three kids, two of them teenage boys, I think you can imagine my home is rarely, and I mean rarely, quiet. So I've learned to adapt. But I love hearing nothing if I can, lol.

5. An exercise break. Trust me when I tell you that no one, yes, no one wants to be around me if I don't exercise in some fashion. And my mind is the same. It needs that influx of oxygen to get the creative nerves zapping inside my head. Otherwise, I just spend the entire time wondering about working out.

God, what else is there? I don't use music. Why? Because I'm a music lover and spend more time singing along with the songs than I do writing. I'm not someone who finds the background noise calming. In fact, I tend to get very emotional with songs, so... if a sad love song comes on, yeah, I'm in it.

About the only other thing I can think of is motivation. But as he is a damn neurotic as writing, yeah, not something you can control.

So that's it. Boring I know. But I'm a simple girl. I don't need much. Really, my iPad and a place to sit. That's really the bare basics. The rest... they just help me cope.

Please go check out the other ladies.. I'm sure they have awesome lists that will put my blog to shame.

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Oh, and before I go... yummy goodness... now that's a US Marshal...


  1. TIME! How did I forget that one!?

  2. How did you manage to write so much at the retreat last year if you like it to be quiet? LOL I feel like we were very rarely quiet. ;)

  3. I'm the same way about typing. I have to be able to keep up. The only time I write by hand is when I'm struggling, and then it's probably because I need to slow my thoughts down, LOL.

  4. I'm asking the same thing as did you get anything done with all of us around?

    And yes, time, definitely need more of that. But my rituals and sacrifices haven't succeeded in getitng more or slowing time down, so...

  5. I'm with you, I have to have my laptop. I cannot write by hand since my thoughts are racing and I don't want to miss anything. And thanks for the Timothy hotness, he's appreciated