Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to school and...twilight?

So, the countdown is on. Two weeks left of summer vacation before it's back to lunches and teacher meetings. Spending more time in the truck than on my bike and back to weekends at the rink...endless weekends at the rink, sigh. I'm starting to question why I agreed to be the division manager for Bantam Hockey this year...yeah, I know. While a part of me is thrilled to be a bigger part of the organization, the other part is screaming—you dumb sod, you already live there!

But as I think about the upcoming change, I'm strangely drawn to questioning Twilight. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but...hasn't Edward graduated from high school a thousand freaking times? I seem to recall a giant collection on the wall of all his 'caps'. So I'm thinking about the sanity behind this and frankly... what the hell?

Now, I'm not criticizing the book, so don't send me angry hate email. Seriously, I know it's an almost cult following, but I'm just saying...I have two teenage boys and I can vouch that taking cute teenage girls into account, not to mention the prospect of living forever, neither one of my sons would 'volunteer' to go to high school...year after freaking year. No way. Not going to happen. It's hard enough convincing them to attend the first time through...vampire or not, they wouldn't be going there for the next hundred years...just not happening.

To be honest, I can't see most teenage boys opting for this. I mean, there's got to be other options for a perpetual eighteen-year-old male...he'll face the same questions as to why he's still in school as he will out on a job so... why stay in high school? As I recall, it wasn't the greatest time of my life, so I'm thinking I'd be out of there, too. And wouldn't he rather chase after the hot 'just turned twenty' girls? He already lies about his age, so why not tell folks he's twenty...he's just got a baby face, like Michael J Fox did for years? Why high school?

Anyway, just thought I'd put that out there. A teenage boy who wants to go to high school that's the making of a good horror story.

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