Thursday, February 24, 2011

He Got In...

Well, we got the news. Kyle got into the Highland Hockey Academy for next year! Yup, doing the snoopy dance. I even went in this week and put in his course preferences and did the whole registration thing. Now he just has to motivate himself to keep up this year, lol. What is it with boys.. and yeah, in my house it's the boys, and the not wanting to go to school, or wanting to do anything but a bit of homework? I swear, if he spent half the time doing it than he does fuming over it, it'd be done... but try to tell that to a teenager.

But, on the bright side, he knows that he has to keep up next year or they can ask him to leave the hockey part, and he's really looking forward to that.

In other news... my car is still in the shop. Who knew it would take so freaking long to fix it. And to top it off, the car I got to drive as a replacement... it's a freaking Toyota Yaris!!!!!! Now, I'm not dissing a free ride and hey, it's not a bad car, but... I drive a 7 passenger SUV and sometimes I barely have enough room. This thing... it could fit in the back of my gal pal's truck! I think the only cars smaller are those 'smart' cars... can you imagine, on the weekend I had 4 kids and me in the car... so yeah, it's packed full... 2 hockey bags and a ref bag! Man, I should work for a packing place because you can't believe how I stuff it all in. And it that's not enough, this weekend we all have to go to Vancouver for a ringette tournament. So... there's going to be 4 people, 2 hockey bags and goalie equipment, and... you'll love this... the dog. Yup, gotta take the dog. Well, at least we'll get good mileage, even if I can't see out the back window.

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