Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Swear to Tell the Truth... well mostly.

Yes, I've been tagged, twice now. While I haven't had a chance to make my book boyfriend yet... and yes I will... I'm coming out from under my rock to see if you can tell what's true and what's fiction.

Here's how it works. I'll list seven facts about me. Two are true and the others, well, let's just say I wish they were true. And I'm not going to pick anything that's just been out in the author spotlight on TEB... way too easy. So no, 'I know how to fly helicopters' on this one, which would be true...You pick out which ones you think are true and leave me a comment. I'll give away a free copy of one of my books to the lucky winner, which I will have my trusty children draw on Friday. So here goes...

1. I'm a history buff... the older the better.

2. I'm a video game closet junkie... love me some Gears of War.

3. I was in the military.

4. I've never broken a bone.

5. I've been married twice.

6. I've never travelled outside North America.

7. I love shopping.

Sheesh, that was harder than I thought it'd be. Okay, go ahead and give it your best shot.
Thanks for dropping by and thanks to Bronwyn and Jude for tagging me.

If you'd like to get in on more action, visit some friends and you might get lucky and win some more books.

Romancing life...one adventure at a time.


  1. Kris - I'm going to say 2 and 3.

  2. Eep!

    Guessing here. I'm going to try 1 and 4, and cross my fingers. LOL


  3. I'm gonna go with 2 & 4

    And thanks for playing, honey! :) You rock!