Monday, October 26, 2009

Release Day!!!

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Well, after what feels like an eternity, it's finally here. My first book release, Sacred Talisman is out today with Total-e-Bound. For those of you who don't know, Sacred Talisman is part of the Voracious Vamps collection and is the first book in my vampire series, Dark Prophecy. I'd love for you to check it out, either by clicking on the links in the blog or by the image on the right. I'm also being interviewed at Bronwyn's Blog today. Bronwyn Green is a fabulously talented author and one of my favourite erotica writers. Please jump on over and have a read. But in the meantime, here's the blurb and a new excerpt for Sacred Talisman.

After roaming the earth for five hundred years, Rafe's life is about to begin.

Rafe isn’t your ordinary vampire. He’s an Enforcer—a vampire created for the sole purpose of guarding a sacred talisman and preventing its power from being unleashed on the world. There’s just one problem. He has absolutely no idea how to find it.

The last thing Terryn expected was to have a handsome stranger come to her rescue when some creep drags her into an alley on Halloween. With blond hair, blue eyes and a body rivaling every wet dream she’s ever imagined, she can’t help but wish her hero would keep her pinned to the wall. Too bad she doesn’t do one-night stands. But when the guy claims her necklace is an ancient talisman, and it’s his job to protect it, she’s launched into a world of prophecies and vampires, and discovers sex with the undead is hotter than her wildest dreams.

Now if they can only survive the night, and prevent a hoard of rogue vampires from claiming the pendant’s power, life—or even death—might just get interesting.


Rafe groaned into her ear, feeling her body melt against his. Desire pounded through him, and for a moment, it felt as if his heart thundered in his chest. He drew a deep breath, drinking in the faint aroma of rain on her skin, mixed in with a soft floral scent. But both paled next to the sweet, earthy tang of her arousal. It hung in the air like a fine mist, drenching his senses until her flavour was etched into his memory. He closed his eyes, willing the beast within him to stand down. Ever since the first pulse of energy had doused his skin, he’d felt submersed in a red haze of desire. Every moment her body trembled against his seemed like an eternity of waiting until the instant he could strip her down and feel the soft press of skin on skin.

Centuries had passed without this type of wanting. Hell, he’d never desired a woman with such single-minded intent. He’d had his share of lovers, but it’d always seemed hollow, desolate, like he was trying to fill a vessel full of holes.

Not Terryn. Everything about her healed the spaces in his withered heart, bringing back a sense of humanity he’d lost on the eve of his death. One he’d never expected to feel again, especially from a woman brimming with innocence. The very scent of her skin enthralled him, drawing him into a mindless craze, begging him to bind her soul to his.

He clenched his jaw, inching one hand up to cup her breast. It swelled at his touch, the nipple pebbled against the thin lace of her bra. He could picture it clearly in his mind, and knew the tip would turn a pale shade of purple as she neared her climax. A low gasp filled his head as he tweaked the small bud between his fingers.

He growled, spinning her in his arms, pushing the wet jacket from her shoulders, smiling at the sound of if dropping on the floor. Her shirt went next, followed by her pants. She stared at him in shocked surprise as the last of her clothes joined the others, and she stood before him perfectly naked.

Rafe pulled her body against his, fisting her hair as he tilted her head back, exposing the sleek line of her neck. The pendant pulsed against her skin, the purple hue reflecting along her throat. He watched the quick flutter of her heartbeat throb below her skin, the rhythmic movement making his head spin. His conscience warned him this wasn’t to place to indulge in even a fleeting taste of her blood, consent or not, and he reined in the beast once again.

He locked his eyes on hers, noting how black they looked in the harsh light. “I’m but a breath away from making your fantasies a reality.” He moved in closer, drawing his lips over hers, licking at their fullness. “If this isn’t what you want, say it now. For once I start, I’ll be powerless to stop.” He dragged his tongue along her collarbone, ending with an opened mouth kiss on the tip of her shoulder. His fangs twitched, but he kept control, calming the creature with the knowledge he’d be licking her sweet pussy all too soon. The beast pouted, but stayed hidden.

Terryn moaned, arching into him. “But what about the cameras? I thought…”

“They’d only be able to see you?” His lips kicked up into a bemused smile. “I happen to know they don’t use film, sweet thing. They only watch. And with today’s technology, they’ll get an eyeful…of both of us.”

A beautiful shade of pink hued her skin as her eyes darted around the room. He could feel her nervousness. Not at the thought of having him bind her to the bed, but at the realisation others would be watching them. He leaned forward, dropping another hot kiss at the base of her neck. “I could break the door down, but it’ll bring more trouble than we need, and I have a feeling I should save my strength. They’ll be plenty of fighting before the night is done, and I don’t want to weaken myself with mere mortals.” He pulled back one last time. “And I can’t shift us out of here. Despite what myths are out there, I can’t move through walls. So answer my question. Shall I stop?”

Terryn cried out as he wedged his thigh between her legs, rubbing her clit against his muscles. She closed her eyes and tilted her hips, increasing the contact as her teeth clenched tight. He brought his lips down on hers, a low growl warning her to answer. She opened her eyes, catching his gaze. “Don’t stop.

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