Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jumping Into the Deep End

For those of you who read my previous post, you know I was trying to foster a mommy cat and her 5 kittens. After a frustrating experience with the BC SPCA I decided to throw cation to the wind and just jump right in. So I'm now the proud momma of a beautiful teenage mom and her little ones.

Here are a few examples of the lovely kittens now scampering around the house. They are too cute for words and seem to be thriving. Even mom is doing better. She was quite underweight when I first brought her home, but I think she's starting to gain a bit. Lord knows she loves to eat, lol.

I plan on keeping the mom, her name is Pepper, and we're definitely keeping the one my son is holding, named Hunter for his love of toy mice. I also have a soft spot for the sweetie Syd is holding, called Mojo. Not sure if we'll keep both, but they sure have a way of worming into your heart.

But who could resist these little faces?

There is one downside. Between caring for them, trying to get Pepper and my dog, Bandit to accept each other and building a cat tree/ condo for them, I haven't gotten any writing down. I'm afraid I'm suffering from Kitty Block. And after spending four days building this thing, I think I know why they charge you 200 dollars to buy one. This one only cost me about 40, so I think it was time well spent. And the little ones love it. Even Pepper escapes to the upper perch every once and a while.

So other than having a bunch of fur balls invading my house, I'm still waiting on news if Sacred Talisman will be part of the Voracious Vamps or not. I'm trying not to get all shaky every time I open some mail, but.... and some how knowing it'll be contracted either way isn't helping. But I'll keep hoping. Oh, and in other news, I'm heading back to school, virtually speaking. I've signed up to take courses from Ryerson University via their distance education division. I'm enrolled in the Publishing Certificate. It's a post graduate certificate catering to the publishing world. So I'll be taking courses on editing, book layout and design and a whole slew of other topics. I've got 2.5 courses this semester and if all goes well, will do the same for the next. Then I'll finish it off with 3 over the spring/summer session and hopefully have my certificate by next August. Here's hoping...

Okay, need to run. Have to actually get some work done. Hope all is well and I'll report back soon.

Romancing adventure at a time.

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