Friday, August 16, 2013

Shit my kids say...part 6

So, we're at the hairdressers (for the kids, not me. Go figure, the 'boys' wanted their hair cut) and the boys are done and waiting for Syd. Being the awesome mom that I am, I give them money to go get some pizza.

They get back and it goes like this.

Me: You do realize that I could buy an entire pizza from Costco for what the two personal pan ones were.

Kyle: Yeah, but these are delicious.

Jared: (looks at receipt) Hey, my Hawaiian was cheaper than your meat.

Me: Pineapple please...

Jared gives me some... eats a piece, puts the crust in the box and closes it.

Me: Are you going to eat that crust or what?

Jared begrudgingly gives me the minuscule sliver he didn't eat.

Me: Wow. That edge is kinda burnt.

Jared: Yeah. It's like the pizza you make us at home...

Kyle tries not to spit his mouthful across the salon. Looks at me does the hand in the air snap and says : Snap.

There's a word for that boy...but I won't use it here:)

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