Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's here…Zaggora Viva Hot Pants and top!

So...a few weeks ago I admitted I'd done something I don't usually do—I bought clothes for myself. I know...the nerve. But I hate spending money on myself and I hate shopping in general. But, I workout every day and it was time for a change. Now, I didn't buy just any workout clothes, I 'invested' in the Zaggora product line. I know what you're thinking. If you know the product at all, you're probably wondering why I fell for it, but as discussed in another post, I found ways to justify it. And after pricing out other workout stuff, it really wasn't any more expensive. Especially if I wanted a good quality warm/water repelling jacket. Those can easily be 200.00. But when you wear it all the time, you get what you pay for.

Anyway, too late to worry about whether I should have splurged or not...cause much to my surprise, I got my order today! Only ten days after they shipped and a big two weeks after ordering.  Since they came from the UK, that's incredible. I hadn't thought I'd get them for another two weeks, but they're here!

So I did the only thing I could...I tried them on. And with great apprehension I assure you. Mostly because, you have to order these babies sight unseen. You go strictly on measurements, and well, I had this fear that I'd measured all wrong, or that maybe I'd ballooned overnight or something equally odd. But, everything fit perfectly. 

To recap, I ordered the Viva Hot Pants in Yellow...yes YELLOW. I know. But they actually look pretty cute on. I'll post pics of me wearing them later, right now here's them out of the bag. Now do remember if you order these, the sizing is DIFFERENT to the other hot pants. There's no XS so the sizes move up the XS is really a S here, the S a Med... etc. I ordered the medium, wondering if I could really fit what would be a small, lol. But they do stretch and honestly, anything bigger would have been too big. They are have to pull them up like pantyhose, or at least at first. But by no means are the 'restrictive'. And you want them snug so they work, lol. But man, did they look small out of the bag.

This is the Hot Top 2.0. It's a racer style, which is the only kind I like to wear because it's the best style for holding your parts where they need to be. I did get a bra top by them as well, and's the nicest workout bra I've ever tried on. It's in yellow too. Not sure if I'll need to wear the bra under the top or if the top will be supportive enough, but good to have it. I did order a small and was really worried it wouldn't fit, as I was close to the upper range, but the panels on the side have lots of give and a medium would have swam on me.

This is their hoodie. And it is, hands down, my favourite piece. I will definitely be running in this all fall and winter. It's so comfy on and with the waterproof hoodie and extended thumb's awesome. Now, I did jump up a size and get a medium, mostly because I thought wearing this over another shirt and the like (the other Hot Top) I might want extra room. The medium still fits nice. We'll see how it goes over the next little bit.

I'll post on Monday starting measurements (maybe, lol)... or at least update on how it's going. I may chicken out to post exact numbers...but at least I can let folks know if I lost any inches and how many if so. 

Also, I've been eating super clean for the past two weeks, so it's not as if I'll be changing my eating habits. And I'll be working out the same amount, so it'll be a real test to see if the inches come off quicker with this new scientific sportswear. 


  1. Lord you live where it's cold. ;)

  2. Well, compared to where you live, my lovely, yes, it's cold...but not really. Mid to high 20's (In the 70's for you during the day and 50's at night, with the odd variation.) What's great about the west coast of Canada, though, is that in the winter, it's only around -5 (20's for you) But it's damp and these will be perfect!