Thursday, August 15, 2013


So, this has been a hard week. Well, a hard ten days, actually. For those who don't know me, I'm an animal person. I've had dogs for forever, and four years ago, rescued a mother cat and her five kittens. I kept mommy and three of her kittens (one for each kid, of course) and my gal pal Shelley adopted the others. 'Cause hey, if I was going to have four cats she had to as well...yes, she already had two. She's a cat person. 

Now I have a dog as well. Bandit is a malamute/husky mix and is an awesome dog. And somehow, the four cats and the pooch have managed to get along. Then last Monday, someone left the door open and one of my cats escaped. His name is Halo...yes, after the video game. And he's a big softy and quite the ham. But, he's also an indoor cat an very leery of strangers. 

At first, I didn't panic too much. His brother has gotten out before and always returned after two or three days. Being skittish, they seem to have to work up the courage to make their way home. And I felt certain he was close by. Of course, when two days turned into five, then seven, panic more than set in. Being more outgoing than his brother, who'd come home far quicker, I never considered he might not make it home. But as the days have rolled on, with no clues, nothing at all, I've started telling myself to prepare for the fact he might never return.

Then this morning I got a phone call. The lady who lives behind me is sure she saw him on her back deck at two a.m. this morning. He'd set off her motion light and was just sitting there. She said he saw her, waited a bit, then took off. I looked around their property, but it's impossible to tell for sure. So, tonight I'll be setting a humane trap to see if hunger will lure him in. Wish me luck...'cause since he disappeared, I haven't been able to get anything accomplished. I'm totally obsessed with trying to bring him back doesn't help that the other cats are all acting weird...or that one of them is having other issues...all I know is that I'm about to go coo coo for cocoa puffs.

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