Monday, April 26, 2010

The Late Gods and How Getting Fit is Killing Me...

Well, it's Monday morning and, yup, the kids were late again. I've come to realize it's just one of those constants, like the tides and sunset. Monday morning and we're late, this time because I couldn't seem to drag my ass out of bed. I know, I really should have more respect for the institution of school and showing my kids they need to be on time... but somehow that's falling short for me. Must be part of the power bestowed by the Late Gods. How you justify that a few minutes late is really on time...I think their clocks are just fast.

Actually, part of it is my resistance to the wrongness of having school start at 8:25 and end at 2:15! I mean, what the hell happened to 9:00 until 3:30? They still do that back east. When we were in Toronto, all the kids left their houses close to nine and didn't get out until 3:45, yet, here, the kids are running through the door before tea time is over. I don't get it.

I know for us, it's all about busing. But they've recently made changes in the rest of BC. Schools all over the province have changed their times because they realized it was a bit on the early side. Hell, for me, 10 am would be a bit on the early side. But, I'm trying...

In other news, I actually managed to buckle down and add in two weight work-outs last week. Since losing my mum, I've decided to kick my ass back into better shape... no running and biking aren't enough. I need to be able to lift stuff without wondering why it's so damn hard, lol. But I have to tell you, I think getting fit is going to kill me. After the leg workout on Monday, I couldn't move for four days without pain! I suppose I'll just have to put up and shut up. Pain is good, at least that's what I'm telling myself. But it sucks having to use the counter to lower yourself to the toilet...makes one feel mighty old. Yes, all in the name of fitness.

One last bit of good news. I signed the contract for Twice Bitten, the second installment in my Dark Prophecy series. It'll be out at the beginning of next year, unless it gets pushed forward a bit, which I'm hoping for. But either way, at least I managed to actually get it done. Now I'm trying to feverishly finish another submission... ah, I have to the end of the week, no problem. Right.

Okay, back to writing and seeing how badly I can make my body hurt today.
Romancing adventure at a time.

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