Wednesday, October 29, 2014


How is it the end of October already? I mean, we're only two months away from Christmas and the 2015! Wasn't it just August? Sigh. Anyway, this week is all about Halloween traditions. And well, I'm sad to say, most of the traditions for Halloween have slowly faded as the kids have gotten older and time... well, time sees so much more limited.

For instance, this Halloween, my youngest, Sydney, is the only one dressing up, and she's just going to hang with some friends. Not going around our neighbourhood. Just...hanging at a friend's house. The boys? Well, the Jared will most likely be playing his new Assassin's Creed game and my oldest, Kyle, is actually working. He's officiating a Junior B game up island, so I'll probably be there watching him...being a proud mom.

Though we will still carve a pumpkin. Sys will do that. And there will be candy. Not sure how much will make it all the way until Friday, but...some will. But living in a small neighbourhood, we don't get that many kids.

About the only thing we'll still do is watch a few Halloween movies....some of the uber bad original Halloween ones, Charlie Brown ~ Great Pumpkin, Hocus Pocus... that sort of thing.

Once upon a time…we'd go to the farm and pick out a pumpkin for all. We'd spend hours carving them, often using those special carving tools to make the fancy ones. We'd decorate the house, inside and out. Ghosts in the trees, skulls on the porch. I also once made a fence with a crow on it out of black construction paper so it looked like a shadow scene. Alas, I'm not even sure it made the move.

The only holiday we really celebrate now is Christmas. Lights outside, we cut our own tree. But somewhere along the line, we just decided that we weren't really into the commercial aspects of the holidays. Even Christmas is getting crazy. My dream is just to go away...head out for isolated family time. Maybe this year we'll just drive down to Mexico and sit on a beach.

So, yeah, I don't have any real traditions to share. We've fallen off the holiday band wagon. But I will share a few pics from Halloween's past.

Check out the other ladies. I bet they still have the ghostly spirit.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease
Kellie St. James


  1. No, no I really don't. :P LOL
    Loved the pics.

  2. The pics are awesome! I love the one kid dressed as a Rubic's Cube. That is totally cool

  3. I *love* the pictures!!! :D That shadow scene sounds cool. :)