Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I just think of a few of my favourite things…

It's Wednesday, and another edition of FAVOURITE THINGS. This month it's SONGS.

Now, I know everyone is going to think all my favourite songs are from Nickelback. Oh, nah, nah. I've decided to pick one or two faves from my favourite singers. So the list will be varied, people. You still don't trust me. Sigh.

Now, some may think I have an odd taste in music. I'm really quite eclectic. It often varies with my mood. Which varies with what's happening in my life. But there are those few songs—the ones that seem to stand the test of time. That hold their meaning, their beauty regardless of time and changes. So, without further ado, here is my list of all-time favourite songs—in no particular order other than what popped into my head.

Just the Way You Are
New York State of Mind
Piano Man

All by, of course, the piano man, himself, Billy Joel. There's something classic about these tunes. So much so, my kids also love Billy Joel, or at least the ones that are indicative of the man.

Far Away
Savin' Me

Oh, you knew it was coming so might as well get it over with. Nickelback. Tried and True. At their best. Yes, I love all their new stuff, too, but these three songs are just timeless for me.

Whatever It Takes

By the talented band, Lifehouse. They are a fairly new band to me, but I can't get enough of these guys.

Bleeding Out
Battle Cry

Imagine Dragons. I'll admit. I didn't exactly love this band at first, until I listened to more than just their first song. Now, I'm hooked.

Sarah's Smile
Wait For Me
One on One

Yes, Bronwyn will cringe, but I don't care, damn it. Hall and Oates. I still love these guys. Yes, I've seen them in concert and I won't apologize for it.

If This Is It
I Want a New Drug

I'm just going to list all the bands Bronwyn hates now. So she can breathe again soon. Huey Lewis and the News. They are AMAZING in concert. Definitely a band that is almost better live. And yeah, I know what Bron will say about that...they couldn't get any worse. But I disagree. Oh Bron...guess which band is next...

Don't Stop Believing
Separate Ways
Open Arms

I could list more, got it. The classics of Journey. Steve Perry. Need I say more.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Another One Bites the Dust

I love Queen, but honestly, only a couple in my all-time faves. Not that I won't listen to the others. Hell, they still play We Are the Champions at sporting events. But these two are the ones.

Lose Yourself
I'm Slim Shady
Not Afraid
I Love the Way You Lie

I used to think Eminem was too angry. Too intense. Then my kids started listening to other rap music and I've learned to love this guy. And these songs get me moving no matter what.

Colder Weather
Goodbye In Your Eyes
Sweet Annie

As I've said, I'm a country girl. I really am. I love country music, and the Zac Brown Band is probably at the top of that list, along with Keith Urban, Brad Paisley. And these three songs. I'll put them on whenever they pop up on the radio and they're on virtually every playlist I have.

Father Figure

I saw Wham in concert when they were obviously still together. And George Michael still does it for me. I love the man's voice and I don't care what anyone says, the guy is sexy. Period.

How To Save A Life
Look After You

What list is complete without Fray. Love these guys.

Follow You, Follow Me
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Hold On My Heart
Turn It On

Man, I could go on forever. I used to listen to Genesis and Phil Collins forever. They are definitely defining artists of my teenage years.

In The Air Tonight
I Don't Care Anymore
I Wish It Would Rain Down

And Phil on his own.

Okay...this list is getting huge.

Waiting For Superman
Life After You
Tennessee Line

Daughtry. Love this guy. The band. They are amazing

Hotel California
New Kid In Town
Every other freaking song by this band!!!!!!!

The Eagles. Nothing more needs to be said.

Okay, I have to stop. Stop, I tell you. Or I'll keep going forever. And ever. Songs by 3 Doors Down, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5...Hell, I'll never stop. Please check out the other ladies and see if their lists are never ending as well.

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  1. Norris, Norris, Norrris. I love you so...but Hall and Oates, Huey Lewis *and* Journey!?!?!!?

  2. I saw Journey in concert when I was in high school. It was the Escape tour and Steve Perry was amazing. As for Hall & Oates and Huey Lewis . . . I have nothing to say. LOL