Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs…

It's Wednesday and that means random thoughts time. This week is 'share a playlist'. Ohhh, I know my fellow bloggers are thinking I'll have nothing but Nickelback songs...and truthfully, some of my playlists are virtually Nickelback albums playing in a row. prove I have other tastes besides my beloved Canadian band, I've chosen a different one to share.

This playlist is my current running list. It's an odd collection of artists, from rap to country, but it's the underlying current and beat of the music that's got me hooked right now. It's oddly depressing yet there's something in it that just grabs my pulse and won't let go. So without further delay…

Drive: by Incubus

Battle Cry: by Imagine Dragons
Monster: by Imagine Dragons
Bleeding Out: by Imagine Dragons

yes, I see the theme but I do have the playlist on shuffle, so....

Lose Yourself: by Eminem... (I really love his Slim Shady stuff, too)

Remember the Name: by Fort Minor (another nice rap song...and great to run to)

Soldier: by Gavin DeGraw

Here's to Never Growing Up: by Avril Lavigne... and yes the title is lyrics from that song. I just freaking love it and I'm not a huge fan, but, it's all good...

Moves Like Jagger: by Maroon 5

The Riddle: by Five for Fighting

I Believe in Everything: by Matchbox Twenty (I love these guys and Rob Thomas solo stuff, too)

Savin' Me: by NICKELBACK... was there any doubt I'd have some... come on people, I'm Canadian... seriously...


Dare You to Move: by Switchfoot.

Odds Are: by Bare Naked Ladies... that's three Canadian artists, folks.. I'm on a roll, and so damn patriotic, lol. Love BNL.

Colder Weather: by Zac Brown Band... I love these guys and have playlists of just their fave songs, but just this one on's hauntingly depressing, lol.

Goodbye in Her Eyes: by Zac Brown Band

Sweet Annie: by Zac Brown Band

Here Without You: by 3 Doors Down

Your Arms Feel Like Home: by 3 Doors Down

Goodbyes: by 3 Doors Down... what can I say. These guys rock.

All at Once: by The Fray

Look After You: by The Fray

And that's it. Not a huge list, and right now, I don't get tired of hearing them, lol. I have to thank Jess Jarman for introducing me to some of these songs on our road trip to the UP... and the rest are all me, lol. A jack of all trades...

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease
Tess Grant
Jenny Trout


  1. I'm actually a little disappointed. You know, because you're Canadian and there isn't MORE BNL on that list. Do you at least mist the air with maple syrup before writing?

  2. Hell yeah I mist the air... hell, it rains maple syrup here. And if you scratch one of our bills (not telling which) it freaking smells like maple.

    I love fave is PINCH ME... which would actually fit the theme of this playlist, lol.

  3. Mmmmm, maple syrup, yum! When you go to a Nickelback concert does it smell like maple syrup there too??

  4. BNL! All I have to say is...I can hide out under there.

    I just made you say underwear!

  5. *sigh* My earlier comment did NOT show up! Grrr.
    Anyhoo, love your list. And I'm glad you didn't come away from our road trip thinking Damn, that girl has crappy taste in music. LOL

  6. HA!!! I just snorted at Gwen's comment. Also, I *demand* that you bring your maple syrup money to AAD. :D