Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I can't get no, satisfaction…

Okay, you all try to think up a clever title for motivation. I swear there aren't any songs with that word in there. Because alas, it is Wednesday Randomness time again…and can I just point out I haven't missed a single one since joining in. It's a record for sure. And I have to say, I was tempted this week. Mostly because it's a hard one. WHAT MOTIVATES ME...

Now, this could be a very broad subject, as in, it could pertain to any subject. For example, I have inner demons that motivate me to work out and attempt to eat healthy. That and a firm loathing for growing older... I like Tony Horton's take on aging.... Aging, whatever...I got your aging right here.

But I'll try to stick to writing, as honestly, what motivates me to write also motivates me in other aspects of my life. So here we go, in no particular order...

1. A deadline. Let's face it. Pressure if a HUGE motivator for me. Knowing I have to have something done, handed in, or I'm letting folks down, yeah... I'm on it. Now I don't always get it done on the exact day, but I'm always pretty damn close and within reason, so... This is also what gets me anywhere remotely on time. I'm sadly, always late. But then I think for some things I just don't give a damn.

2. A beautiful cover...sound silly? But having a pretty cover to stare at makes me want to write. It also reminds me that I'm committed to finishing the book. Now I don't always get covers first. Quite often they happen after the fact but sometimes....yes sometimes you stare at your pretty for quite a while before the book is finished. For example...I have the cover all ready to go for two of my next books. I can't quite share yet, but damn, I love looking at them. And the best part—I got to make both of them!

So in place of my upcoming covers, let's look at another pretty....

I know, they're both PG rated, but damn... I can't help it. Just looking at handsome faces... le sigh. I obviously have a type here people... and I've come to terms with that. And yes, I picture these two guys A LOT when I think of my leading men.

3. An idea that won't stop talking to me. Sometimes you just get an idea—a movie that plays in your head—that you can't stop. And that is the best feeling in the world and a great motivator. Actually, right now, I have this looping bit for an upcoming novel stuck in my head. Even when I'm writing other stuff it keeps playing. And I can't wait to write it... It's so epic inside my mind, I just hope it comes across that way once it's out:)

4. Friends. For the last little bit Jess, Bronwyn and I have been sort of challenging each other. Sending chapters of new books nightly when possible. And let me tell you... knowing I have to send them my progress is more motivation than most things. It's like an accountability like no other. And getting their chapters in return... the HIGHLIGHT of my day. Umm, owe me some as we speak:)

Now I'm sure there are other things that motivate me. But it's more often than not the things that stifle motivation. Those inner demons, the exterior stresses. Like right now...I'm in the process of buying and selling a home. And as it's my first home on my own...yeah, that kind of stress sucks every ounce of motivation out of me. I spend all my time obsessing over things and when I try to write, well... not much happens. But thankfully, this doesn't happen very often. And let's not even start with family. The single mom thing can get real un-motivating at times, lol... 

So that's it. Boring. Predictable and true. For more than just writing. Now go check out the other ladies and I'll catch you on the flip side.


  1. Congrats on your house!!!! Woo hoo!! Having a place to call your own is a true motivator. You'll have to bring pics with you to AAD. See you next week!!

  2. I'm so with you on the deadline thing. I like having a cover, too, but sometimes I just feel guilty because the book isn't done yet.

    One more week til I see you!!!!!!!!!!!