Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Son... the Movie Maker...

As many of you know, I have three kids...two boys and a girl. My kids are getting older... Kyle's already a teenager and Jared is just one year away. Even Sydney is going to be starting her last year in the single digits... when the hell did they get so big?

Anyway, Jared had a book report due the other day, but it wasn't your regular kind of report. His awesome teacher likes the kids to mix it up. They were given several different options of reports they could do, and were only allowed to hand in one report per style available. Last time, he made a model of the room the book centres around, so this time, he turned to a more technical approach.

After watching me make book trailers for my novels, he decided he'd like to hand in a book trailer for his report. So, we sat down together and I watched my son turn from reluctant pupil to star movie maker in a matter of minutes. All it took was me opening up iMovie and dragging one image onto the screen...he was hooked. He sent the next few hours choosing images, music and writing the text. It was inspiring to watch. All I did was help with the actual program, but he'd even figured that out by the end.

So... without further ado... here is Jared's creation for the novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Yes, he did pick out pictures from the movie, but I think it was a stellar first attempt. And if it makes handing in book reports more enjoyable... I'm all for it. If you're wondering how he handed it in, well, I saved the movie onto the iPad and he took that to school to show his teacher and the class. It was a great hit.

So congrats Jared on a job well done!


  1. Jared - you did an amazing job on your trailer - you should be really proud of yourself. It makes me want to read the book! :)

    Kris - I'm so impressed with Jared. Well done, mama! :D

  2. Great trailer Jared, I loved the water drop effects and you had nice timing too. I agree with Bron, now I want to read the book again. ^_^
    Keep it up!

    Thank you for sharing that with us Kris.

  3. Hey Ladies,

    Thanks for dropping by. Jared didn't realize how much fun homework was until we started playing around with the program. He was so cute...looking at the transitions... chopping a second here and there so the pictures loaded on cue with the music... which he totally picked out himself.

    I'm just glad he finished his assignment, lol.

  4. Kris, Jared,

    Wow, if only homework and book reports were this much fun when I was in school!! I love the water droplet effect. It fits the story so well. Extremely well done!!