Friday, June 17, 2011


Okay, so have you all seen Charlie Brown... remember how he just keeps trying to kick that football, but Lucy always pulls it away at the end, even when she says she won't? Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day.

It started off with phone calls at o'dark thirty... apparently kids only listen when you tell them if they want to set up play-dates, they need to call early or they might miss me... yeah, not that early pumpkin, but... they didn't miss me.

Then it was off to the airport... for a second run. Somehow, a flight was missed yesterday, so we got to redo the event again today... lol. Then it was repeat shopping because apparently, not everyone had received the "I'm going shopping now!" memo, and we required a second round.

But, I got home and was all ready for my long, late-afternoon ride with friends. It was a great day, not too hot or too cold. I took the dog first, so she got a run in, then we all headed out together... we got just far enough away to make it feel as if we were going places when I got a flat tire. Now don't get me wrong. Going through, over and around all the stuff we do, I expect to blow the odd tube, but I really hate when it's the back tire. Having the gears there just seems to make it more difficult. However, my gal pal and I thought this was perfect training for our race...we need to be able to change flats and some other stuff on the trail. So I got out all my tools, turned the bike upside down, got the wheel off... then nearly died trying to get the freaking tire off the rim.

I did everything... had three tire levers and still nothing. Finally, we managed to get it loose... and take out the old tube and put in the new... got it back together... which was almost as freaking hard as getting it off... only to discover the tube wouldn't inflate.

My gal pal's hubby finally rejoined us and he gave it a try. We're now on the second new tube and he gets it all together. I ride five feet and yup... another flat. It's obvious that there's something in the tire making it flat, but despite running our hands and fingers over the tire, the rim... everything.... we can't for the life of us find anything remotely sharp.

So, this the is the part where I get to run the bike home because running your bike is obviously good practice. We've now wasted a bunch of time, but we're still optimistic... If I can get back, I can grab my old bike (yup, the one my oldest son just broke the hydraulics on so I have no back breaks... but hell, I'll take anything at this point) and we can still salvage some sort of ride.

Well, the stars weren't in alignment. By the time I jog home with the bike and get the other one, we've run out of time. Clive is determined to find the source of my flats, Andrea has other commitments and I have just enough time to go to the bike store and say WTF?

I hitch up my 'hitch', lol and strap on the bike... drive to the bike shop where I bought my bike and take the remains into the pros... Now I have to give the guys credit. They did try not to laugh as they explained... there's a certain technique to my new, highly advanced tires that enables you to get the tires off without ruining them... yes, I've killed the tire and will now need to replace both of them, cause you can't run two different types of tires and didn't you know, they don't have my old ones in stock! (insert deep breath here). Apparently you have to 'pop' the seal on the tires... it's almost as if they are glued to the side... before you can get them off. Yeah, that would have been nice to know when I bought the bike. But, two new tires and a new tube later, I'm back in riding shape. At least for tomorrow.

So, thanks Lucy for pulling out that football over and over today. I enjoyed getting grease on my hands and repeating the truly mundane things in life. Here's hoping tomorrow goes a bit more like planned... though chaos does rein in my house.

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