Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Better Late...

Wow. What a couple of days. Unfortunately, I'm way behind in my posts. So, I'll throw a bit of Centrefold at you today and try to get some of Checkmate out tomorrow.

I made a new book trailer for Centrefold. Take a lookie and then check out the juicy excerpt after.

Scarlet sighed, relaxing back against the rim of the tub. She’d just spent another day romping around in clothes that would make a hooker blush and shoes she was certain were used for torture in the middle ages. And if that wasn’t enough, she’d had to endure two hours of group photo shoots, forcing a smile every time the new photographer cupped her breasts, trying to make more of them spill out above the lip of her Christmas red bustier. She’d thought Aiden was going to pummel the guy through the wall, especially when he’d asked if she’d like to join him for a threesome. She’d declined—she had her own threesome to contend with—but she’d gotten a strange feeling when the man had nodded and watched her leave, her hands wrapped around two chiselled forearms.

Then they’d spent the next four hours scoping the mansion, chatting up the women and searching for clues. Roman had managed to sweet talk one of the maids into allowing him a quick glance at Glade’s office, but nothing they’d found had turned up any leads. Now they were banished to their rooms while Glade prepared his usual extravagant dinner. God, she hoped the man wasn’t planning a spanking contest or she just might need another bath.

Scarlet smiled at the thought, dragging her tired body from the water. She still wasn’t sure how to take the sudden change in lifestyle. Admitting her love for Roman was easy, but her feelings for Aiden confused the hell out of her. She wasn’t one to believe in fairy tales or magic, but every time he smiled at her, or ran a gentle hand along her thigh, butterflies fluttered to life in her stomach and her chest tightened. It was the greatest high she’d ever experienced, and somehow, walking away didn’t feel like an option anymore.

“This is one crazy Christmas,” she said, grabbing a towel. She fisted the door, cracking it open only to have the breath rush from her chest. Aiden leaned against the wall, naked, muscles rippling, head pressed back as pleasure twisted his expression. His lips were pursed together. His eyes clenched shut. He’d tangled his fingers through Roman’s hair, as the man moved between his legs, feasting on his cock as if he’d never tasted anything quite as delicious.

“Oh. My.”

The words sprang from her lips and she hadn’t realised she’d spoken until both sets of eyes turned in her direction. Roman pulled back, allowing Aiden’s shaft to slip from his mouth, the heavy length held like a sword in his hand. His lips were wet and swollen, and just the sight of them pooled liquid between her thighs. She moved towards their outstretched hands, linking her fingers through theirs.

Aiden planted a hot, wet kiss on her lips before moving to her neck, nibbling at the sensitive spot behind her ear. She arched into him, meeting Roman’s heated stare.

“I’ve been wondering. Do you both…” she waved her hand at their erect shafts. “Give and receive?”

Aiden chuckled against her skin, making it prickle. “I didn’t take you as the shy type, baby.”

“I’m not shy, it’s just…Fine. Do you both fuck each other’s ass?”

“Roman prefers to be the one fucking, but yes, we both fuck each other.” He raised his eyebrow. “How does that make you feel?”

“Curious.” She stepped back and waved at the bed. “Show me.”

Roman pushed up, trapping her against Aiden’s chest. “Pardon me?”

“You heard me, Roman. I want you to show me.” She trailed her fingers down his chest, scrapping his skin until she circled his cock. “I’m still trying to wrap my head around how I fit into all this. You love each other, but you say you love me…”

“We do love you,” he interrupted, framing her face with his hands. “You’re not just a toy to us. You’re our soul. A fact these past few days has made very apparent.”

“Then let me share what you feel for each other.” She tilted her head against Aiden’s chest, allowing him to tug the towel free. “Please. I need this.”

The men exchanged a look, and she wasn’t certain they’d conceded until Aiden nipped at her neck, urging her forward with a pat on her ass. “All right. But it’ll cost you. We’ll let you watch, but next time, it’ll be you between both of us.”

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