Friday, November 20, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday...

I've just been alerted there's this thing called Flash Fiction Friday. A number of authors write a small snippet of a sexy scene and then post it with links to all the other authors who have done the same thing. Now I know I'm late for this, but it's been a crazy day and I'm just now getting the time. So here's my little fiction tidbit.

Cody stood beside the bed, naked except for the beads of sweat flushing his skin. His muscles were drawn tight, his thighs shaking, as his date slipped her warm lips around his smooth flesh, drawing it deep into her mouth. She had a way of relaxing her throat and taking most of his length all the way back, before sliding forward, licking his sensitive flesh as she retreated, keeping only his crown trapped in her velvet heat. It felt amazing.

“You like that, cowboy?”

He answered with a low growl, knowing the sound aroused her. She knelt in front of him, her short blonde hair bobbing back and forth around her face as she moved along the length of his shaft. But she kept her knees wide, giving him more than a full view of her sex as she sucked his cock.

I hope you enjoyed the little quickie, lol. Here's hoping your Friday Flash was a pleasant and stimulating one.



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