Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts...

Okay, so as you know, Karma and I seem to be locked in a pissing match...Karma 3, Kris 0... or more likely Karma 5 or 6... but it would appear it's decided to make the entire household pay, not just me. And my oldest son, Kyle, was its first victim last night.

Now, I'm not one to shy away from chatting about my kids on my blog. Hell, if I never mentioned them, I'd have nothing to say. So here is yet another page in my life neatly written by my two sons.

After the whole 'cat' incident yesterday, needless to say I wan't the jolliest of people. I tend to brood over things and carry them around with me for a while. So, even last night, I was still moody and sad. But, I decided to do some work and try to put it behind me. As I'm working on my computer, my two boys come to the conclusion that now would be an excellent time to wrestle and basically roll around on the bed and floor with each other. 

I know... I hate when they do it because someone always ends up hurt... generally Jared because he's younger and well, prone to injury it seems... but anyone who has boys knows that getting them to stop requires biblical intervention. That being the case, I sometimes choose to ignore it... you'd be surprised what I can turn into white noise.

Anyway, I'm working on the computer when I hear my name... now remember they're wrestling behind me, but being the great mother that I am, I'm not paying any attention...I turn around to see my youngest doing a Homer Simpson version of the Heimlich Maneuver on my oldest. Jared is yelling something about a penny right before Kyle holds up his hand and says...

"Stop! Stop! I can breathe!"

At this point I'm not sure whether to be scared or laugh... Kyle's drooling on the floor and Jared still has his arms around Kyle's waist. I go over and all is well. Kyle admits he just swallowed a penny, but it's gone down so he's fine. We hang for a bit to make sure it is, indeed, down the old pipe then I look at the boys with my WTF face.

I don't get a completely straight answer, but it boils down to something in the way off...Jared thought stuffing a coin in his brother's mouth would be funny while they wrestle and Kyle thought biting on it would rival that in humour... all until he swallowed it by mistake because he laughed. I'm still not sure how it all worked out, but... the bottom line is Kyle is now officially worth one cent!

Of course, now the comments start flying. Just this morning as he walked by I said, "Penny for your thoughts." And of course I told him he now has proof that he's not 'worthless'. 

I don't think he finds it that amusing, but I'm thinking... this is great blackmail material or stuff to bring up with future girlfriends... maybe I'll get said penny framed once it makes its reappearance, lol... of course Kyle is mortified he has to keep an eye out for it...and can I just say none of the references on Google involved kids older than about 5, so...when a nearly fifteen year old swallows something, it's just weird...Kyle, on the other hand, is just thankful it wasn't a quarter.

So it would appear that Karma has Kyle's name as well... I say bring it on...we're ready.

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