Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some crazy bad juju...

First, I blogged today over at the Gems' blog. Would love for you to come and check it out.

Second... what the hell? I'm not sure what I did to the karma Gods, but damn, they are kicking my ass lately. And not in a way remotely arousing. I know my elders always said trouble comes in three—I'm sure this must be a biblical reference, but hey, three always seems to be the number. Things are funny in three, are grouped better in three... there's just something with that damn three. Anyway, I'm hoping this is true, as I've certainly had my three.

First, just over a week ago, my daughter and I were watching TV in my room. I had planned on watching Lie to Me (love that show) but Syd wanted to watch one of hers, so I relented. I was supposed to be working anyway. So she's watching her show and all of a sudden we hear a hissing sound. We glance at each other then notice the TV picture is going funny. We stare for a few seconds then I ask her... is that smoke coming out of the TV? Sure enough, the damn thing is on fire... yeah... right there in the bedroom. So I jump up, unplug it and open the window in case I have to toss the freaking thing out... and I would have... while telling Syd to get her brothers and the fire extinguishers. The boys come running, armed with white foam, but I manage to get the thing outside before we unleash one of the extinguishers on's still sitting out there in my driveway like a voodoo doll or something, all covered in white just staring at the house.

Then, a few days later, my dad has to be rushed to the hospital. Now, he's okay, but it's the last straw that he can't live on his own any longer and be 3000 miles away. I'll be heading to Toronto shortly to deal with that... my brother is there now... but I'm not looking forward to convincing the man he needs to move... now.

Finally, this past weekend, I crashed my car... all I'm going to say is 5:30 a.m., dark, slippery roads and a herd of deer do not make for a good the car is in the shop and I'm left wondering what I did to stir up all this bad juju...

So if you're wondering why I'm not on here much, well—I'm hiding. I don't need to set off another round of three.

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