Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five Delightful Divas for Checkmate...

Seems I've been posting about reviews a bit lately, but this time I have a reason to want to shout. Checkmate got five delightful divas from Shelly at Dark Diva reviews.

Now, I realize that moments like these should be treasured because with every great review I'm sure there's a not-so-great one hanging around somewhere, lol. But I'll chose to celebrate the great today.

Shelly said...

If you like romantic suspense, you're going to love this one. Kendall's brother, Trace, is kidnapped and FBI Special Agent, Dawson Cade is called in to protect Kendall and help find her brother.

Kris Norris weaves a very fine tale of mystery and romance with a persistent criminal who stays one step ahead of Dawson Cade. He leads them on a twisting path through the wilderness with an unrealistic time-frame to complete various tasks with a multitude of threats to keep them moving. Through all of this, Dawson comes to care for Kendall and fights his attraction to her, knowing he's there to protect her.

Forced into constant contact, Dawson and Kendall want to seek comfort from each other in a difficult situation, but know they have to keep each other out of harms way. Dawson is torn when he realizes he must use Kendall to lure the criminal out of hiding.

Kris Norris ties everything together in a fast-paced, detailed story that's very easy to get addicted to. Dawson is the perfect hero. In the end, he’s there to save the day and get the girl. The sexual tension between Dawson and Kendall, as well as the mystery of solving the crime kept me on the edge of my seat. Checkmate was a truly enjoyable read and I will definitely seek out more stories from Kris Norris!

You can check out Dark Diva Reviews to read the entire review and look for more if you'd like.

I'm quite thrilled folks are enjoying Checkmate. It's definitely a book that's dear to my heart. I actually took up adventure racing so I could write Kendall as realistic as possible. Plus, I felt I wasn't living on the edge enough...taking up too much space. I'm also thrilled because Checkmate will be available in paperback later this summer, so here's to more reasons to celebrate.

Thanks for tuning in.
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  1. Awesome review for an awesome book!!!! :D Congrats honey!!!!