Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healing Hands...

OMG. Healing Hands came out yesterday and I still haven't blogged about it yet. And I have another extremely cute blog to do about Christmas shopping with my daughter. But, alas, I'm busier than a call girl at a frat party. Yup. That busy, but hardly that rich.

Anyway, yes, Healing Hands, did indeed, release yesterday. I absolutely love the cover and this story, so much so, it is an ongoing series. I hope to get the second book out by the end of the year... I just have to find time to finish writing it. Actually, I've made a resolution to finally organize my life, just a bit. 'Cause let's face it, being organized just isn't my thing. I'm more of an, "oh no, I really should do that" kinda girl. But I'm working on it. After a four months of putting school and other things first, I'm back to putting writing first, and plan on getting a bunch of manuscripts down, because in the end, that's what I love doing more than anything.

Okay, so on to Healing Hands. It's my first fantasy novella and has a definite medieval flair to it, 'cause who doesn't love a noble prince riding to the rescue. The first book revolves around Keegan and Mira, two people faced with the curse of being different. Here's a quick blurb and an excerpt. I hope you like it...

Mira has only five days to lose her virginity, or face certain death… and only one man is up for the job.

Shunned by her Kingdom because she’s been given the gift of healing over fire, Mira anxiously awaits her freedom. All she has to do is complete her Rite of Passage and pass the auspicious Ritual of Sisterhood. There’s just one catch. If she doesn’t lose her virginity before the Ritual begins, she’ll be killed. And just her luck, none of the Kingdom’s tutors will touch her.

Hoping to ensure failure, Mira’s been given a tutor with a curse of his own. Hailing from Garinth, Keegan’s plagued with a serious problem. His body only reacts to women who possess certain qualities. So when he wakes to find himself imprisoned in a Kingdom ruled by witches, he can’t imagine how any of them measure up. But then, he never counted on Mira, or on the way his body comes to life, filling his head with delicious images of seduction. He’d love nothing more than to tame this pretty little witch, but can he claim her before their time runs out?

Keegan stepped forward, corralling her towards the wall until her back pressed against the cold stone. He fought to keep his touch light as he cupped his hands around her waist, drawing her close. She stared up at him, her hands timidly reaching for his shoulders as he pressed his cock against the soft mound of her sex. She gasped, but didn’t struggle, widening her stance just enough she could cradle his shaft between the lips of her sheath.

The groan he’d been holding back broke from his chest as her sensuous flesh parted for him. Even through both their clothes, there was no mistaking the slide of her juices as he moved along her slit, scraping the rough fabric against her clit. Her mouth opened slightly and the softest of moans caressed his skin.

He bent over her, licking the fullness of her lips. “Tell me your name, sweetness.” His voice was low and gravelly, and he knew she heard the lust in it. He wasn’t just asking for her name. He was asking what to shout when he came inside her.


Her reply was whispered on a gasp as he brushed his thumb across her breast, flicking her nipple as he dipped inside the bodice of her dress. It wasn’t a flattering frock by any means, but he didn’t care. She’d look far better naked and spread out before him, her glistening sex bared to his gaze.

Mira inhaled as he pinched the tight peak, exposing it to the cool air, before bending down and laving it with his tongue. She tasted like warm honey and he pulled at the other side, needing to taste that nipple as well.

“You haven’t told me your name yet,” she said, pushing her breast into his mouth. “What shall I call you?”

Keegan pulled back, loving how her eyes had darkened. He was finding it hard to concentrate with the smell of her sweet sex tantalising his senses. He’d caught her scent the moment he’d pushed her against the wall, and he knew if he slipped his hand beneath her dress, she’d be dripping her juice down her thighs. He cocked half his mouth into a smile at the thought.

“Well, my sweet Mira…”

His voice faded as her name triggered a memory.

… you will be Mira’s tutor. You’ll spend the next few days bringing her to orgasm with your hand and your mouth, allowing her magic to use chemicals from your skin and saliva to thin her virginal barrier. Once you’ve prepared her properly, you’ll take her maidenhood as a sign of your submission to the Queen of Corand…

Keegan braced his hand on the wall as more images materialised. His naked body chained to the wall, ripe for their pleasure. They’d tried to coax his cock to attention, but he’d been unable to perform. They’d laughed and beaten him, leaving him alone to die.

“Sir? Are you well?”

Keegan broke free from the dream and took a staggering step back. He looked down at the woman standing before him. It was her. The woman he’d been ordered to fuck. And Heavens help him, but he wanted to. Wanted to pound into her day and night, over and over until she accepted his claim. Wanted to watch her swallow his seed, loving the sight of her lips wrapped around his shaft. Wanted to drink the sweet juice he smelt swirling in the air around him. Hells, he even felt the need to claim her other ways.

“You!” The word came out harsh and cruel, and she jerked back at the sound of it. He took another step back. “You’re one of them. One of Queen Vestna’s warriors.”

Thanks for dropping by. I'm also trying to make it a resolution to blog far more often. So I hope you'll drop by more often as well.



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  1. Sounds GREAT! And scorching!! :D

  2. Thanks Genella.

    I only wish I could have that kind of undercover assignment.