Thursday, June 4, 2009

Four, definitely my new favourite number.

I've often pondered if authors ever got complacent with their releases? If there ever came a day when they'd submit a book and just casually nod when the contract came back, signing it while contemplating other facets of their life? Did success become as mundane to them as, say, brushing their teeth or driving their car?

Well, I can only speak for this particular author... and for me it's definitely a resounding... NO!!!

I feel like I've taken a trip to the moon and can't keep my feet on the ground. I recently submitted a short story and just got the news it'll be released some time this December! Yup, number four on my hit list and I'm still so excited I have to remind myself the kids do need to eat! And no, granola bars are not a suitable dinner substitute.

Anyway, I'm sorry if you're all getting bored with my rantings of joy, but when you've waited for your career to take off, every step feels like a milestone. Thanks to all my friends who patiently listen every time I call and scream into the handset. Sorry ladies, I'll try to rein it in... hey, who am I kidding... this is me, passionate to a fault at times, but always shouting it from the rooftops. 

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